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Sat, Jan 06 2018 - 12:25 AM

What Are You Allowing?

I dated a man on-and-off-again for four years.    I knew I should not be dating him.  He did not share my dreams and goals.   Our lives remained separate.  I felt more like the mistress instead of his girlfriend because of all the responsibilities and projects on his plate. 
I allowed this man to treat me badly because there was a strong connection.  I was addicted to him and his drama.  

For years, I put getting my business off the ground on my goal list for each year.   Only I would never put in the effort necessary to accomplish it.

Why am I confessing these things?  Because I allowed these things in my life.

I allowed the man to stay in my life because I did not think enough of myself to kick him out.

I allowed the days, months,  years to go by without working on my business because I would rather be creating.

What we allow,  we are agreeing with.   We are agreeing to the consequences.

What are you allowing in your life?  What are those things,  people,  places in your life that you are allowing even though you know they are not good for you?

Why are you allowing them?  When are you going to let go of them?

For me,  I  had to change my why.  

What life did envision myself living?  If I continued to allow these things in my life, would I reach accomplish it?  I needed to let go out those things.  The man and the lack of focus.

In the case of the relationship,  though, I couldn't end it on my own.  If I did, which I had before, he would keep worming his way into my life.  I knew it had to be his idea to end it.

I kept praying,  "Lord, this battle is not mine but yours (2 Chronicles 20:15)."

It took a few months, but he walked out and never contacted me again.

What are you allowing?  Whatever you are  allowing is preventing you from moving onto the future you want.

Not strong enough?  Let God help.

Why not make the decision to let go of those things, those people, those places today?

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praizeop2 - 1 year ago

What an excellent word! I pray that many will read and profit from it. Thank you for being bold enough to post. Blessings ~ Sarah

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