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Thu, Nov 30 2017 - 04:56 AM

Mary Did you know

I have been thinking,

So i was asked to sing Mary did you know tomorrow and while praticing I often wondered, Did Mary really know that Jesus was to come to save the world? I know she knew she was carrying the savior but i often wonder did she know what he was going to do? what a blessing that Mary had, what a honor.  She trusted God with all her heart and like mary we can do the exact same thing.  I have realized that God wants to do big things in our lives but alot of the time he cant because we fear or we dont trust him enough Are you willing to put down your life for the Lord to trust and follow him like abraham or like moses?  I know i am all over the place but heres another thought. 


Not very many people here know my real life story because I don't share it much, I was born with Cerebral Palsy which is a chronic disorder that happens before or after birth caused by a lack of oxygen when I was born the cord was around my neck and My face was completely blue.  I dont know what my drs thought but i do know through out the years of my life ive always been told im not able to do this or that im not able to get a degree or im not able to write ect...recently ive been told at the age of 30 I will end up in a wheel chair.  heres the thing, I had a pity party a few days ago and was like God I had this dream but i cant tell anyone because they wont listen to me im disabled no one will listen to what i have to say.


God reminded me of Moses and how Moses was led to free the people from slavery and how did moses do it? he had a speach impediment well, His brother AAron helped him so my point to this blog? its this, God can use anyone and everyone who is willing to listen and obey, It doesnt matter if your disabled or not it doesnt matter if you cant speak God can hear our thoughts he knows what we think and say before we even say it how amazing? So because I have cerebral palsy doesnt mean anything God can still use me. that is all for today, i have to get ready for class if i remeber correctly next week is my last week for classes then break, I have recieved an A this year I am excited I would like to thank my grandma who believed in me and said no you wont drop out you will get through college to get a degree how much are the classes. God created Grandmas for a reason lol

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jesuslives2 - 10 months ago

thank you for the encouragement just having one of those days

Sarah-OP - 10 months ago

Thank you for this interesting post. The thing to remember is that God is using you. Whatever people think does not matter. It only matters what God thinks. It is good for us to remind ourselves of that. Blessings ~ Sarah

Name: jesuslives2

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About: I have 2 brothers 2 sisters. I would want to become a youth pastor. I have taught sunday school once, I have cerbral palsy. I like to pray for others. I write poems and songs and stories and plays. I am very energetic outgoing and just all around fun haha i love telling jokes and when i fall well i get back up again. God is just that good and if he didnt have a sense of humor well he wouldnt make me lol

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