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Wed, Jul 04 2018 - 12:20 AM


Let’s discuss the commonly understood scope of education first. It is supposed to teach us skills and provide us knowledge. Its assessment mechanism concerns about what a student knows, which means to test his memory. From a very young age we are taught a prescribed syllabus conventionally, covering language, science, social studies and Math.

A question which is frequently being asked today by experts is” Do education fulfill any other objectives besides testing memory and are their other objectives also which should be aimed”? The discussion therefore enters in the area of exploring other than conventional scope of education. It will revolve around shortfalls and possibilities.

Of course, with the inception of internet technologies and its use for changing learning methodologies, Education now appears to have much broader scope than its conventional one. We will deliberate on some of these with different perspectives.

Personality Development

Education is not just academic growth and intellectual development. Neither is it a mere tool to get a fantastic career. These are too limited aspects for an educational system worthy its name.

Education has so far neglected consideration of human being as a whole. The intellectual needs are made so gigantic that other aspects of human personality are lost to be included in its scope.

A good and healthy education system needs to develop a socially responsible human being who should be equipped with IQ as well as emotional intelligence. What does this scope require for? A student must be well equipped with all work related skills but he must be groomed and trained for emotional stability also.

The scope of education thus enters in the region of child psychology, his specific emotional needs with emphasis on controlling his own emotions and respect of emotions of others. It also develops confidence, empathy and self efficacy in students. Experts have now described that emotional intelligence is vital in getting success in career. For example it is revealed in many studies that people with lesser scores on EI quotient (Emotional intelligence quotient) fail miserably in business profession especially in sales.

Interdisciplinary and Holistic:

The scope of education to produce special field’s experts is losing ground as experts now emphasize increasingly that the real approach must be an interdisciplinary one where, students must be developed with a holistic look and approach.

The scope of learning now transcends to various related disciplines which give a clear perspective to grasp underlying concepts of subjects under study. That’s why psychology has been incorporated in most of the courses now in medicine, business and economics etc. The approach is to have a deeper look into behavioral aspects of human being in specific situations and factors behind those reactions.

The idea of integrating various disciplines is the fact that beneficiary and subject of focus in each case is human being.

Has Internet Broadened The Scope Further?

Internet and related technologies have transformed every aspect of life. Education is also undergoing great changes both in delivery mechanism as well as methodologies. Class rooms are going to be digitalized and interactive. The where, how and when factors are becoming as flexible as possible, because learners can now obtain education 24/7 from device of their choice, at whatever place he desires and from any corner of world.

Introduction of free online courses have extended the reach of education beyond the brick and mortar boundaries of conventional schools and universities and global access is now norm. This literally has extended the scope of education to all nooks and crannies of entire globe.

The scope of education is now very broad and planners need to harness multimodal educational channels so that students may be engaged deeply and produce results which are matched by the expectations of all stake holders i.e. employers, Governments and society at large. This is a huge task and tantamount to a complete overhaul and restructuring of entire educational system.

Two trends need to be kept in mind because scope of future e-learning is dependent on these and industry experts predicting immense growth in both of these. One is expansion of gaming technology and their great usage in education especially in business studies. The other is mobile learning (known as M-learning) .Gaming is immensely being popular for developers as they are addictive, fun and appealing. It is being continuously stated by experts that gaming is going to change schooling and education for ever.


The entire discussion suggests one single pint that, scope of education has been changing at a very fast speed and is in flux. Most of this phenomenon is due to revolution brought in our lives by internet. The situation demands a proactive approach by stake holders (Governments, planners and employers) to integrate efforts and devise joint strategies tackling challenges.

Author Bio: Sarah Taylor is an educational consultant and Custom Dissertation Help provider. Her long association with educational process, especially curriculum designing, career planning, innovations in delivering education and policy reforms in education make her opinions substantially vital.

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