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Thu, Feb 01 2018 - 01:08 AM

4 Things All Articles Must Have

Using articles to drive traffic to your website, and having articles on your site, has become a key element in making a site work and earning a profit. Articles have the benefit of giving a site high rankings in search results pages. The higher a site ranks the bigger slice slice of the traffic flow pie it gets. The greater the traffic flow, the greater the profits and the more potential for other income generating schemes as well.

It is not a simple matter of having an abundance of articles on your site though, they must also have certain requirements. In order to obtain the maximum benefits for your site these requirements must be met. Your article needs to be well written and so capture the attention and interest of the customers so they keep coming back for more. They would also be able to recommend your site to others.

Here are four things that your site must have in order to make it successful. Hopefully these tips will help make your site a traffic overflowing and profit earning one.

1. Keywords and Keyword Phrases

All articles should be centred around your keywords and keyword phrases. Quite often, although not always, people will be looking for something specific whereas others are merely browsing. If they are looking for something specific they will use the search engines and type in the keywords of what they are looking for. For example, audio books, wedding dresses, accountant etc.

It must be remembered that your article must have keywords that are related to your site. If your site sells wedding dresses and accessories then you must be able to have articles about wedding dresses, head dresses, weddings on a budget, accessories etc. There are various tools on the internet that can help in your search for sought after keywords to use and write about.

2. Keyword Density

Once you have your keywords and keyword phrases you must make the best possible use of them as you can. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used in an article. Don't have too many or too few though. If you use too many then the essence of the article is lost. If you use too few your article may be ignored by the search engines. If you get the balance right, the search engines can rank your site high in their search results. Getting a high rank is what articles do best for a site.

3. Good Article Content

As well as having a good keyword density in your article you also require quality content. Your article should capture the interest of the reader and at the same time be informative. Keep your article to the point, use short sentences and keep it simple. You are not trying to write an epic novel so don't try to impress the reader with long words that they may not understand. Try and write as if you were imparting information to a friend. Keep it chatty and informal. It does no harm to inject a bit of humour into it as well as long as you get your message across.

If appropriate use facts and figures as people respond well to these. A well written article will increase your reputation as an expert in your chosen topic or field. If people believe in you they will soon come to trust you and your products. When your article is finished it is important to make sure it has the correct spelling and good grammar. If necessary, get a friend to read it through as you won't always notice your own mistakes.

4. Linking Articles

If you are going to submit articles to ezines and/or contribute your articles to newsletters and other sites, you MUST remember to include a link to your site. Use a resource box and write a brief description about yourself and your site with a link to the site. Place this immediately after the article. If your article is well written and the reader reads it through they will see the resource box. They will most likely click on the link that takes them directly to your site in the hope of finding more information.

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