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Mon, Mar 12 2018 - 11:29 PM

10 Basic Writing Tips

Writing an essay may seem like a simple task, but the truth is that there are many mistakes that are usually made at the time of writing. A misspelled word or a badly placed punctuation mark could send the wrong message. So regardless of whether it is an informal mail or a work letter, write correctly is an essential requirement to communicate in the professional world.

Below we present a series of tips that, regardless of the type of text you wish to write, will help you improve your writing and communicate your ideas in a clear and simple way:

1. Do you already know what you want to write about? Before starting to write the first thing you should define is what you want to say. So before letting your creativity fly, ask yourself the following five questions and answer them: What do I mean? What is the central argument of my text? Who is my text for? Why do I want to write it? and How do I want to communicate?

2. Structure your text! Do not forget that every essay should start with an introduction and should end with a conclusion. Try to follow the following formal structure:

Introduction : The central theme, the thesis or the problem to be treated is introduced. Likewise, you must mention what you are going to treat the text with one or two sentences that summarize the topic.
Development or Body : stage where the arguments and counter-arguments on the central argument are exposed and extended. The length of the body depends on each writing but do not forget that each paragraph must develop an idea.
Conclusion : a summary of the above is made and a proposal, a result or an opinion is offered.

3. First things first ! The title is essential to attract any reader. Now, it is not always easy to find the right title, so the most convenient thing is for it to be simple, it has to do with your narrative and, more importantly, it creates interest. Before deciding on a title, ask your friends what they think.

4. Learn to use punctuation marks! Punctuation marks are essential to give fluidity and clarity to your ideas, therefore, the importance of using them properly.

5. Presume a rich vocabulary! Try not to bore the reader and avoid repeating the same words in the same paragraph when using synonyms.

6. Use nexuses! Link your sentences and paragraphs to avoid abrupt interruptions between one idea and the next.

7. Order your prayers! Try to follow the usual order of words in the sentence using the following formula:

Prayer = Subject + Predicate

Remember that the subject and the verb are never separated by commas. To avoid complications it is better to place the verb as close as possible to the subject.

8. Do not abuse the adjectives! While qualifying adjectives serve to make a more descriptive text, in the end, they are overwhelming. So before introducing too many adjectives one should ask if they are really necessary.

9. Be consistent in numbering! Remember that:

The numbers from one to twenty nine must be written with letter and from 30 onwards with number.

It is also preferable that the tens and hundreds be written in letters.

You should try to use numbers in numbers that have decimals.

The ordinal numerals that are written with figures must be followed by letters flown as: 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

To indicate the centuries, the dynasties in certain cultures, the numbering of volumes or volumes, the denomination of congresses, festivals or competitions and the series of popes, emperors and kings it is necessary to use the Roman numeration.

10. Be precise! Try to avoid the use of vague or generic words as a thing, something, matters, good, rich to refer to objects or situations. The vast majority of these words could be needed to better communicate to the reader an idea and make any text more attractive.
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