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Fri, May 11 2018 - 12:02 AM

Top 4 Web Design Blunders that Startups Need to Avoid at all Costs


Online shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry nowadays and there are many ways in which it is becoming the de facto way we do shopping. The companies offering online shopping facilities to visitors worldwide try everything in their power to make sure they get good traffic so that their business can sustain good pace. The web design of these companies is one of the most important aspects as the first thing people notice about the website is its design element.

Companies commit some mistakes which can be disastrous for them not just in the long run but also fatal as soon as a visitor lands on the website. The role of a freelance web designer dubai

Following is the list of 5 such mistakes that companies usually make and end up with a bad or inappropriate design.

1. Design Not Suitable for the Target Audience

A simple yet subtle design depicting what a blog post about is all about is not in these days as people get bored by this. Most people have a perception about an apparel store’s website comprised of colorful designs and patterns. That’s why need to dig deep before finalizing the design of the shopping portal perfectly matching with their product or service.

2. Poor Navigation

A poor navigation is one of those mistakes which can the final nail in the coffin for any company. If the visitors are unable to browse through a website easily, most probably they will never return bank to visit it. A convenient navigation is necessary for a website so that any person regardless of his expertise in browsing a website can find the information on the click of a button.

3. Broken Links and Cluttered Information on the Website

A single broken link can leave the visitors of your website in a very bad taste especially if it about their favorite product.  While it can be termed as a programming error, still you can make sure the message on the corresponding web page at least has the link to your home page and a logo of your product/business so that a user coming directly to that page through a referral can visit your homepage to get the information needed.

4. Mobile Friendly Version

Other than a mobile friendly version is like opting for a suicide mission rather than a journey to the road for prosperity as far as web design is concerned. It’s a grave design mistake any business, regardless of its size and nature of business, simply can’t afford. The future belongs to handheld devices as more people now shop on the go and use of desktop computers for shopping has fallen sharply in recent years.

Final Word

While I am sure that you can relate to some other important factors related to bad design mistakes, the above mentioned 4 ones are the most common mistakes that startups, small business owners and young entrepreneurs commit. Do you agree with me or not? Please give your valuable feedback in this concern by using the comments section below.


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