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Mon, Jun 11 2018 - 01:31 AM

Factors that Businesses Should Keep in Mind for SEO

Who is not familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Probably no one. SEO is a technique that is, used to increase rankings of one page in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). How does search engine work? If a user types a keyword on the search bar of the search engine, then search engine sends a crawler that searches for most relevant, most useful, and most trustworthy pieces of information, and present it to the internet users. More than 90% users click on the first link that they see on the first page of SERPs. So, the goal of a person as a business owner should be appearing at the top of SERPs. Users may also click 2nd or 3rd link; however the percentage of users clicking on the 2nd and 3rd result is very low that is, less than 10%.


Here are the factors that businesses should keep in mind for SEO:


Factor 1: Keyword Selection

First of all, you need to select a keyword for your business. You can also find alternative keywords while you write your primary keyword in the search bar. Targeting long tail keyword is a good strategy because there are only a few websites that have targeted such keywords. As a business owner, you should utilize a keyword that matches the search query of your target audience. It is fine to target multiple keywords on a single page, but you should not overuse keywords. These things count in search engine best practices.


Factor 2: How to Create Content?

You should create content by utilizing the keyword that customers search for online. The content needs to be original because search engine gives preference to original and authentic content. You should keep your audience in mind while you write SEO-based content. If your target audience is a visual learner, then infographics content can help; and for regular visitors, blog posts can work better.


Factor 3: What Should You Do?

No one wants to know about your company, in fact, customer likes to search for a keyword. So, you should write your keyword first, and company name next in a Meta title. Meta description of your each web page should not be of more than 140 characters. External links are great for blog posts, so you can use them. You need to make your website intuitive and mobile friendly because many internet users have shifted to mobile nowadays.


Factor 4: Utilizing Social Media

Social media can help more users to link to your website. You can promote your website on social media through blogs and links.


Factor 5: Getting Authoritative Links

You should make sure that you are getting authoritative links to your websites. Local meet-ups, social media, and emails can help you achieve this.


In a nutshell, you need to keep the preceding factors in your mind if you want to promote your website through SEO techniques.

Author Bio:

Andrew Ashton is an “SEO Executive”. So, he relishes writing articles about search engine optimization. In short, He is a very talented person. He proudly assists students of all ages to work on their custom dissertation help..

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