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Sat, May 20 2006 - 08:05 PM

My Favorite Vacation

Took place almost 11 years ago.  We had been saving for a long time for the vacation of a lifetime.  At least as we saw it then as young marrieds with no kids.  After an adventureous day of plane trips we arrived in Tortolla in the British Virgin Islands.  Beauty and colors like I'd never seen before.  The next few days we relaxed at the hotel right on the beach, toured the island, ate with the locals, went barefoot all the time.  It was marvelous!  Then we boarded a fifty foot sailing yacht.  For the next six days we sailed around the islands with two other couples, the boat came with a captain and a first mate.  Virgin Gorda, The Baths, Sabo Rock, Pirates Cove, as well as some places that didn't even have names.

The food tasted better on that sailboat then in the best resaurants I've been to in NYC.  Good music, fellowship, soaking in the sun, reading on the deck are some of my memories.  One night we stopped off a private island and were invited to a huge party. A corporate incentive festival for some marketing group.  We had a blast dancing on the beach to a great reggae band and enjoyed some choice food.

My husband agrees as well that trip is at the top of our favorite vacations list.  Of course some of our family vacations run a close second.  But as he says we were a couple before we were parents!

God Bless and Good Night

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