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Mon, May 08 2006 - 09:21 PM


        'THE TREE'

The very thing God created began a history of trouble for mankind. In the garden of eden it began with the fruit of the tree, the betrayal of mankind towards God. Then the betrayal of Judas, and it was the tree that Judas hung himself from. The wood from the trees that built the Arc of the covenant where God's Spirit dwelled. It was the tree that crucified our Lord.

Our lives are like the trees, some are little saplings with tiny sprouts, and some are sturdy, and grown in adversity and strength through many years of blowing winds of adversity. The tree is seen to be aged in the number of rings on the trunk. This can only be seen when a tree is cut down and one sees the inside of the stump. Jesus meant for us to be sturdy and have our roots deep down in Him. When a tree is first planted it's strength lies in lots of water and sun, and tying stakes to it to hold it up in all kinds of weather for support. Our strength lies in the watering of the Word and the long walk with the Son of God. The tree bears fruit, as our lives bear fruit of the Spirit.

Oh the tree that crucified my Lord,

Oh the tree that held His body, on

calvary's cross, my pain, shame, and

sin, He bore, but one day, we will be

brought before the throne of God, and

see the tree of healing for the nations,

life everlasting, from the tree of His

creation, a celebration of life, oh, what

a day of elation, for the saints forevermore.

Lisa Beth Jenkins c.2006

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