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Thu, May 04 2006 - 07:01 PM



Every day a lonely soul is longing for a helping hand, every day, someone longing for someone to listen; every day, someone longing for a smile, someone crying out from pain, there's a hunger in their spirit, are we going to show them the way?

There's a hunger for more, more meaning in their lives, more caring, more sharing, oh the emptyiness inside, some hide on the streets, looking for shelter, some beg for food, some looking for warmth, looking to be understood.

The teenager running from their home, that baby dumped to die all alone, the elderly that cry, because they are cold, and weary, will we be the face of God, to them, when their night's are cold, and dreary?

Oh, that we would see their plight, their every need, and be there for them, in prayer, on bended knee, not just in prayer, but in every good, and helpful deed.

Lord, we need to see, the desperate souls, in need of you, we need to show Your love, and be your hands, and feet, and mouth, we need to point them to you, share the gospel, with more; and not a few.

Lord, help us now, for the hour draws nearer, when You will return, will we really be prepared? Will we be able to stand, on that great, and wonderful day, and hear You say, well done, My good and faithful servant, for helping those on that day.

Lisa Beth Jenkins c.2006

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