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Tue, May 02 2006 - 06:47 AM



I Remember one Sunday I was asked to sing a special the song called 'THE BLOOD' It was a Sunday evening our praise and worship time and as I approached the pulpit to get my microphone to sing this song I remember feeling so excited in my heart about singing it. What was so funny in fact I had been wanting to sing it all that night! Well, come to find out my best friend at church wanted to hear that song and she particularly loves to hear me sing it as it reminds her of her old church home where she used to attend in Ohio. I guess the pastor's wife always sang it and she said that my voice sounded just like hers. Well as I got up to sing I started into the song and I remember feeling well I have sung this song so many times before and tonight would be no different. Oh, but my friends it was different! I got into the middle of that song and the anointing hit me and the more I sang it the more I couldn't stop singing it and then I heard like a choir behind me singing and I just about couldn't stand up! The glory of God was surrounding me! Oh Halleujha! I'm telling you by the time I got done singing that song I was shaking under the power of Almighty God! It was just awesome! I wanted to share this with you today because I know that I know every single waking moment, every second every hour all the angels in heaven are singing praises to our King! Glory!

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