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Mon, Oct 23 2006 - 07:13 PM

Speaking To Fools/Proverbs 23:9

Now I wander how can you not talk to a fool, how you turn away from someone that is a blockhead and a dull being. Well beloved, I know for amyself I tend to still tell this fool about Jesus Christ and His testimony. I jsut cant's stand to see someone that is not all that bad let the adversary jsut come in a take control of their spirit, by us not trying to help them all that we do is lead them tothe gates of sheol. I'm reminded about the command thgat Christ gives us by Acts of the Apostles according to 1:8. that we are to go to the utmost parts of the earth. Now this is where probably all the so callled fools dwell in. NOw what do you do when they continue to fall backwards and see no way out? Well let me give you a little testimony on my speaking to fools. Maybe this is a test to insure to ourselves and unto God what we have learned, to what you have grown into knowledge of HIs word. The bible declares in proverbs not to bothere talking to thise fools for they will make fun of you. Can you recall a time before you knew what God meant by this. Christ tell us to tell them anyway, even if they do not receive us tell them for Him. Now this is where we are being obedient nd trusting God. Jesus even experienced this as He went back to His home to give testimony of His father, but they received him not, but Christ still now sits on the throne of grace and mercy with the father.
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