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Tue, Oct 24 2006 - 07:41 PM

Gossip/Proverbs 24:28

Why do we gossip? Why is it that we get oursevles intangled in such treachery? Do you know that this is very displeasing to God and His ears. Now I know that B.C. we were doing things for we knew not what we were doing, but now A.D. we have to come into new things and be albe to go out in peace without letting the enemy take control of our tongues and our emotions. I was reading and studying the Psalms in chapter 24, and it was talking about the concern of the Kingdom of Christ and it's subjects as well. NOt only was it talking about the Kingdom , but it's concern of the character of the King as well. Now do you think that the kingdom of Christ can come and take shape by what God wants the Kingdom to be. In order for the kingdom to be established on earth to it's full fillment of God as it is in heaven we as the heirs of Christ we have to obey the the conditions that God commands us by. We have to be found Holy and blameless. So by getting involved in gossip and talking about our neighbors and bring them down, we need to get involved in the type of gossip that will holp them to reach the full potiential of the purpose of God to help others and disiclpe them to bring the good news to the world.
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