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Tue, Apr 11 2006 - 03:28 AM

With His Power, I am Saved

I am up late in the night thinking of my relationship with God, my Saviour. I know the Holy Spirit speaks to me when I am alone in my quiet times. I enjoy talking to Him as my best Friend. I know He is listening to my every word and has the power to make the difference in my life, as He sees fit. I am never alone, and sometimes I forget that. I can speak to God anywhere I am during my daily activities. Lately, I have spoken to God when I am at work and told Him that I am going to do the work for Him now and keep focused on Who is really in control of my life. I enjoy studing the Bible and getting to know the Lord through the Word. Jesus is Lord. Signed,
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About: Good to be in Praize. I have been surfing the net to look for other SDA members as penpals. I live in Northern Canada. I have 4 grandchildren. I am 49 years old and one of 15 siblings. I am happily married to a wonderful man. I do my best to talk to God everyday. I find my day go a lot better when I take time to study His Word. I am glad I found Praize because I enjoy fellowship.

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