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Wed, Oct 25 2006 - 02:35 PM

my trip

well where do i get started........ well it took us about 28 hours to get to mn that was a long trip but it was great to see my brothers again well during this trip i went golfing and i got a 70 which is good for me on a first time in a year and on that course the max was 82 but that is besides the point. well i found out that jocey had head lice but she is all better now and i went out with some of the family and we had a blast. the kids and i with my mil we went to the MALL OF AMERICA that place is huge i got to go on th rides this time that is where jocey got her hair cut she looks so cute now not that she was not before but you know. we had a birthday party for general  and he loved his cake he ate half of it most kids make a big mess and dont eat the cake not general he ate the cake and made a big mess. so well that is all for now will write later bye
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