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Tue, Jan 17 2006 - 01:25 PM

2006-01-17 13:25:58

God created Man before sin entered  the World.  God left His mark on the World.  Man, God's highest creation was His signature that completed the "painting."

 God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit exist co-equal in Divinity, in Majesty, in Omniscience, in Omnipotence, in Omnipresence, in Immutability, in Eternal Existence. 

In short, Three Divine Persons share everything Divine in such unity, harmony and respect that there never has and never will exist a schism in God. 

The Lord's creation of Mankind in the image of the Godhead would include the intent for unity which incorporates respect for all personalities represented in the family unit.

The Trinity is comprised by three distinct personalities in constant unity.  Each nuclear family is intended by the Trinity to be an Earthly example of Who God is.  Sadly, the introduction of sin into our World has marred God's perfect creation.

Yet the desire for harmony & peace that is so basic to each human heart shouts the fact that the Lord's original intent is the "magnet" He left in the human heart to draw each heart to God.

Family has always (and always will) meant one man, one woman & all children of this union as long as the man & woman both live.  With the advent of their first-born, the family exists as this Earthly example of the Trinity.  Though human families are not perfect examples because of sin; harmony, mutual care, and mutual protection is always the goal of the happy home.

Adam brought us sin.  Jesus brought salvation.  Every person now has HOPE always available as long as we breathe,...but...only in Jesus.

"How do I know He lives?  He lives within my heart!"   Stan

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