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Mon, Jan 16 2006 - 01:38 PM

Still An Atheist...

While there are "things" that cannot be seen even with a powerful microscope or telescope, scientists have recorded effects of these very tiny or very far away objects in action. (really simple, nontechnical explanation here). And these "things" exist in what is generally acknowledged to be the material world. Now, God and angels, Satan and devils, souls, heaven and hell; are these of the material world? If they are, then we should be able to sense them or their actions in some way. If they are not part of the material world, but are part of a spiritual or supernatural world, then those who claim to be able to sense their existence must supply the proof with their spiritual sense. And the evidence must be such that those who cannot sense them may give authority to those who do, and then believe that the supernatural or spiritual entities and worlds do, in fact, exist. I have yet to be presented with any evidence from believers which would cause me to yield over to them the attribute of authority, so that I would choose to believe based upon that authority. Nor, have I ever received a sense from a supreme authority giving evidence, and so I remain, an atheist.
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About: My husband and I have reared three children without religion, because we are atheists. I sing when I am happy, which is most of the time. My worst vice is collecting books and movies.

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