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Thu, Oct 26 2006 - 07:35 PM

Increase in Wisdom and Knowledge

I just want to stop by to tell you that if you really want to increase in wisdom and knowledge,I challenge you to look at the days in the month. Now there are in a average month 30 days and some 31. Now if you look at the proverbs there are 31. I want to challenge you to take a probverb a day and read it in it's completness and to study that proverb and live this as well. I have found this to really work in my life to better my walk with God and to hear His voice when He speakes. You know the only way to really hear from God is to read his word daily and to live it as well. In the book of Joshua, it is told that if we want to have wealth and sucess is that we have to read and meditate on His word daily and observe the laws of His word as well. So that's all that I have to tell you tonight, and that is my word for someone out there that wants more wisdom and understanding of the word of God. There are three rules in the reading and understanding of the word of God: first there is observation, interpetation, and application. When you have mastered these three things you you know that you have been like Jesus on the third day, He rose to power. I don't know who that was for but you have been given the chance to raise up out of your grave to reclaim the power that was given to you by the death of Christ, so I say to you now live and choose life over death so thou and thy seed my live.
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