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Sun, Jun 20 2004 - 03:25 AM

Something is in the air

You knew the event was about to begin. The sun's wide rays give white light and the perfect amount of heat, the trees act as a shield from the world around you. The triumphant bells gracefully clang out our favorite song--joy is in the air!

Even if you are just sitting there you can close your eyes and smell the air and feel the noise as you arch your chin and lift your eyebrows towards the roof that encloses you.

Smell the grass, feel the wind tingle your hair, and squint your closed eyes from the light of the heavens.

Ahh, forget it, I've been sick for over a week and there is nothing that is going to make me feel better until my body lets me.

I guess what I am trying to say is a pile of used tissues do not make fluffy clouds, and an empty bowl of chicken soup doesn't smell like the great outdoors. When you are sick there is no kidding yourself because your aches and pains always bring you to reality.

Something is in the air alright and it just may make you sick too. Be careful where you breathe and wash your hands.

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Bud - 14 years ago

Good venting. I pray it helped you feel better for at least a short time. I am a big baby when I get sick. To hear my wife talk this is true of most men.

Tara - 14 years ago

Or on a more positive note take some vitamins