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Thu, Jun 10 2004 - 11:24 PM

Don't let them make you itch.

The day broke as slow as a loaf of bread rises in an oven.

"All I want right now is a mango" she repeated over and over,
"all I want right now is a mango!".

Rumors spread throughout the house, who would have thought that the time had come so soon. Bethany paced up and down the kitchen, passing the stove and fridge with every sweep of the floor.

"All I want right now is a mango, all I want right now is a mango, all I want right now is a mango, " over and over and over....

The others' stares that beamed between the staircase spindles cut the air like a sleigh slices though the snow, they knew it was time. The feeling weighed heavy within them like a chicken lasagna scarfed down at a late supper all morning. Now you got me thinking, If the mango is not here soon who knows what may happen. How would Bethany react if the mango never arrived? Maybe there is a strike in the shipping department and no mangoes were shipped, maybe the whole batch looked ugly and bruised like a prize fighter's face and were returned for a refund.

No one knew for sure right now, and no amount of speculation they could muster up was going to bring the mango here any sooner. And then it happened. It happened like a bolt of lightening striking an old familiar garden tree, it's limb cracking down the trunk, snapping off bark and scattering the pieces willy-nilly about the yard.

Stephen let out the biggest YAAAAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNNN you have ever heard, one so big that it made his eyes water. He was actually bored. So bored that he nearly dropped his ant farm that he was observing for the past week.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it may seem like everyone around you may be completely focused on one thing, the most popular thing around, and you may not care at all. Its not a bad thing not to like what is popular, in fact, certain popular things may be bad for you. But the one thing that is always best is to stay focused on what you love no matter what others say. If I were you I would chuck the mango before I got myself covered in ants.

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Bud - 14 years ago

Awesome use of metaphors. I am truly impressed by the sheer number is so short an entry.

Anonymous - 14 years ago

I read this stuff at lunchtime <BR>I want more!

beach_child - 14 years ago

I thnk you really hit the nail on the head fargo metaphors or not i never knew you could get so much from a mango

Tara - 14 years ago

I'm teaching some grade fours about metaphors right now, I think I might print off your blog and get them to hi-lite all the metaphors, since you seem to love them so much.