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Mon, Jun 07 2004 - 03:05 AM


You are at school, 5, 4, 3, 2.....1!!! Yeah! Its LUNCHTIME!!!

Off to your favorite lunchtime table. I remember mine, it was outside around back of the school. It used to be inside the cafeteria itself then I became annoyed by the seating area's lack of good art and good environment, so outside for fresh air I went.

I remember sitting there, perched up against the wall, my bunns squished against a 5 inch ledge, comfortable as a joyous "Amen!" after a preachers Sunday morning sermon. Lunch time always began with the ever-popular lunch time trading session.

"I'll trade you my ham on rye for your tuna in a bun" Jimmy was always heard saying,

"Get bent" Chris would determine the following action to be.

The skinny girl who thought she looked fat always wanted to give up her cookies, and all the hungry boys would engage in a melee filled shoving match in hopes of being the victor of the great cookie grab. I always knew they were hungry, not hungry for cookies but hungry for a cute girls attention.

After the auction ended we would delightfully stuff our faces with all the soups, sandwiches and fruit mom ever-so lovingly included in our lunch boxes and paper bags.

It didn't matter who you were, girl or boy, rich or poor, there was always one staple in the lunch box, that was the drinkin' box.

This leads to my first invention...


My first invention for this blog area (definitely not my very first invention ever...) is called the Eatable Drink Box.

This invention is a lunchtime drink box for kids to take to school with them. School children can drink a lovely refreshing and nutritious drink for their lunch time feast then enjoy a desert like snack by then eating the actual box itself.

I plan for the box itself to be made out of a dried fruit substance (also known as fruit leather). Apples, oranges, peaches and even grapes (no pears, for most kids do not like pears, and really would you want to eat Pear Leather?) can be formed into this paper-like solid substance that can house liquid.

I believe this invention to have a three fold purpose:

1) The box itself- double nutritional value good drink and good chew

2) This will cut down on waste- our landfill sites will no longer have so much garbage in them, and thus we wont have to pay deposit on those darn boxes anymore.

3) Litter- come on, we all know even though we get a nickel back from deposit when we take them to the recycling depot, there is no way we can get our kids to bring home an empty dripping clothing staining drink box.

There you have it, Fargo's Invention #1. The eatable lunch box is soon to follow.

Stay tuned for more great inventions!

Comments, suggestions and product manufacturing information are welcome.

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beach_child - 14 years ago

dont worry tara i read them every time there is a new post too <BR>i am usually lost for words

Tara - 14 years ago

Okay so I KNOW I'm not the only one reading this guy's crazy blogs!! I seem to be the only one commenting. Am I the only person reading this that things he's just totally wacked or what?? Someone out there has GOT to have something to say to him besides ME!

Tara - 14 years ago

u have too much time on your hands!