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Fri, Sep 16 2005 - 09:34 PM

Glory to God

Sometimes I am simply overwhelmed at the goodness of God.
He is a God that answers prayers. Not always in the way we would like them to be answered, but always in the right way. We don't give him enough praise.

Watching the results of Katrina has made me extremely grateful. We sold just about everything when we moved here... less to move and I wanted new anyway. While here, I was complaining of living in a 600 sq. ft. apartment with boxes piled high everywhere, as we have all along been planning on moving Oct. 1. This past week or so I have been thanking God for this little place. It is more than a lot of people have right now. I also came with one set of sheets to use for three months. Booooooooring! But you know what? I have one set of sheets! I am grateful. I have heard of people sleeping on cement floors. Even in my little, I have SO much. And the friends... I have SUCH wonderful friends. And I know where they all are. And they are all safe. Thank You, Lord.

I believe this is a perfect example of why the Bible tells us "in EVERYTHING give thanks". When we grumble and complain, that is being VERY ungrateful for all that God has given us. Do I want more? Sure! My Daddy knows that, and He wants to give it to me, and He will in His timing. So I am also thanking Him for those things that I don't yet have because I know they are coming. Because He loves me. Yes, I am grateful tonight to Him because He is deserving of my thanks.

And this wasn't at all what I intended to write about. LOL Glory to God!

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Linda - 13 years ago

please share more on your life as a operator on a Christian web site

Michelle Lucas - 13 years ago

I live 30 min. from the Houston astrodome. I have been by there. It is amazing how Houston has just opened up our city to these people. I drove by the other day and there were some guys throwing clothes on the sidealk and people were running over to them. I see that then I go home and thank God for what He has blessed me with. I am truly Blessed.

rob in ireland - 13 years ago

Sarah its a sobering thought . Reminds me of the old chinese proverb. I was sad because I had no shoes til I met the man who had no feet. WE have been blessed so greatly. It is a stark reality that around the world there are a staggering amount of have nots . I think of the famine victims in Niger , the war dead and injured in Iraq , the Tsunami displaced, eartquake victims in Afghanistan,war bereaved in thecongo We so easily forget each tragic event because the media fills our mind with images of the latest disaster. Father thank you for your bountiful blessings . Enlarge my heart and give me a double portion of generosity .

lisa - 13 years ago

Yes I have been also following this I cried evertime I watched the news for they had lost so much and then it was like a light went of in my head...They have me(said God...Yes they have God and thats the most important things right now he can take this and turn it all around.He can have houses built for them new things but they have him to thank for there life's he has spared.......

Sarah - 13 years ago

Thanks for the comments. Moody, what REALLY made me aware of it was the other night I was standing in line at Safeway asking the lady in front of me what was taking so long up ahead... How petty we can sometimes be! Well, at least me! I'm sure no one else is like that! LOL

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