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Mon, Sep 12 2005 - 05:40 AM

On The Other Hand...

It is always interesting to me to see which posts members comment on and which ones they don't.

Anyway, having "spilled my guts" in the last post, I decided that I didn't want to leave you with negative thoughts on me. You see, while I know there are people that don't like me, I really can only think of three. LOL  If there are others out there, they  have acted in a Godly manner and not let me know of their feelings. :)

Since I believe there are many more that do like me and are grateful to me, I thought I would list some of the comments I have received in emails over the past 18 months. You are welcome to add your own. I believe we never tell others often enough how important they are to us.


GBU woman of God Spiritual mother. – Sept.11, 2005


If ever there was a couple given keys of change for the body it is the both of you. Aug. 17, 2005


God bless you Sarah for your deep spiritualism and faith in Jesus. – June 30, 2005


I shall consider you as a 'Mother Superior' to me here on Praize, being that if it were your calling, I believe you would make a good one. ;) – May 14, 2005


Hi Sarah, how are you doing? I am well thank you, and I just wanted to see
a dear sister and friend in the spirit of God's love experience a piece of God's love today extended by m! :-)
You are a attribute to God's holy established Kingdom here on earth and one
day in heaven too. Sister, you’re a blessing. If there’s one thing I could do for you it would be to shower you with glorious brotherly love, and I attempt to
do this for the blood of Jesus says you’re worth it! April 29, 2005


With friends like you to pray for me, I know I am victorious! -  April 29, 2005


Sarah, thanks – March 30, 2005


Hi Sarah --thanks --praying for continually - Feb. 5, 2005


You have truly blessed ME tonight. – Jan. 1, 2005


Sarah, I think you're right and respect your judgment....
You are certainly a good 'guide in Christ'. – Dec. 29, 2004

I'm so glad you're in my life, albeit electronically, but nonetheless, you are my cyber-mom, and I love you. – Nov. 17, 2004

Your a dear sister in Christ I will miss you much. You have my absolute respect. – Oct. 28, 2004





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janesgkb - 13 years ago

I recognize one of those comments as being my own. Of course, the true reward for your labor of love will come when you are with Jesus. I don't think you can possibly know all the people you have touched. Luv ya, mom.

Shell D - 13 years ago

You are an inspiration to so many Nana. More than you possibly know, but He surely does.

nana - 13 years ago

No, we are no longer in Branson. You have missed some of my blogs. :) The Lord moved us to Phoenix, AZ, and we have a glorious, small but growing quickly, church here. <BR> <BR>You can hear Pastor Stacy on the internet at <BR>Scroll down to Stacy Lee - Powerful Life and click on Listen. I pray you enjoy. You will be seeing us all on TV one day soon! <BR>

moody51 - 13 years ago

I have only been on since June 15th of this year. Besides, reading other bloggers' posts, what has both hurt me and blessed me has been the comments. Sometimes, the lack of comments even hurts. . .a bit of my own insecurity, I suppose. However, I just want to thank you for your honesty and care. Also, are you still at Word of Faith in Branson? I go to James River Assembly in Ozark and I have visited your church in the past. Nice to know I have a praize buddy so close. Blessings.

jesus your lord and Saviour - 13 years ago

Well done thou good and faithful servant .

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