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Sun, Sep 05 2010 - 10:42 PM




I told you that last week I made "a connection". Actually, I made three connections last week! All very different.

The first was when I met the previous owner and creator of Praize. We have a lot of history, so our personal meeting was very special. We walked together from hotel to office, and I sat next to him in meetings for two days. I thoroughly enjoyed the encounter and was impressed once more at his God-given gift that enabled him to develop Praize. To see face-to-face, to actually touch and hug... it was a very good thing.

Connection number two was different. In the two months of owning Praize, I had dealt with our hosting company, Gossamer Threads Inc., on several occasions. During this time, I was extremely impressed with their prompt responses to my emails and quick fixes to every situation. Therefore, it was a great joy to meet the men I had connected with, to see their facility, and to learn about what is and will be going on behind Praize. I was impressed with their intelligence, their quick grasp of our intentions, and especially their ability to bring their expertise down to our level of understanding. And further... they took the time to drive us around the city for a tour and a twilight snack within view of the harbor.

The two previous connections were made in Vancouver the week before last and in person. This third connection was, to me, icing on the cake of our trip as I reconnected with a very dear friend with whom I had lost contact over the past several years. A Praize friend. We had been close, but sometimes life's difficulties can separate loved ones. To reconnect with her on line was a special gift from God. We have not met in person, but one day we will... on the next trip to Vancouver or at the return of our Lord... however He has it planned. Either way, she and I will share eternity. For now, we have agreed to have a cup of tea together every morning as we fellowship with our Lord, and I will think of her and give thanks always that He is the director of my life and my connections.

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