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Wed, Sep 14 2005 - 02:56 PM

In This Our World...

I am grateful for, and yet so very, very sorry that we have the luxury of debating what is for many people life and death situations. I, no less than any other, am guilty of forgetting the truth of hatred-spawned injustice and genocide. It is the deplorable condition to which humanity has fallen, time and time again, for reasons known only in the insanity of those who thrive upon the misery of others. It shames me to think that as I write and debate, mothers' lose their sons and daughters, villages die and governments fall. And, yet, at the same time, I must question who has the answer to solve the problems caused by hatred? And what must ethical people do to end the killing, enslavement, mutilation, destruction and eradication of peoples and cultures? Do ethical people pull into themselves, and let the wars among others solve the problem by allowing the cycle to continue until all that remains is an empty land void of life? Do ethical people further the destruction of life and land by escalating the cycle? Do ethical people attempt to control the actions of aggressors, even at the cost of more lives and societies? I don't know. I can’t second guess the actions of the leaders in our nation, our world, or of the war beleaguered countries. I can only react to what is allowed to filter through the media, what our leaders and others chose to allow me to know, and then I hesitate to determine the truth in all this suspect information from each quarter. I know that if there is a deity, then it is either one who is gleefully awaiting each new atrocity, or it is a totally inept and worthless deity. Without the intervention of a deity, what are we supposed to think about ourselves? To atheists, it is obvious that belief in deities has caused more than a good share of hatred, war and misery, and that this current situation is no different from those of the past. Confusion is rife, life is cheap, hatred is contagious, and it seems that nobody’s deity is going to step in and call a ceasefire. How can theists of any breed continue to expect miracles in the face of such inaction? How can Humanity survive with or without deities?
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Jeanne - 13 years ago

Hey Rob. I said they would blame God by way of getting christians to wonder about the situation. <BR> <BR>I know God doesn't exist. <BR> <BR>Faith is believing that which cannot be proven. I tend not to believe in that which cannot be proven. <BR> <BR>Certainly not archaic writings not of first hand witnessing. All the bible is hearsay. <BR> <BR>If you can prove any deity exists, then more power to you. If you don't need proof, then be content with your faith. <BR> <BR>Either way, we seem both to be content with what we call reality, so it should be okay. <BR> <BR>Deep Peace to you, Rob.

Rob in Ireland - 13 years ago

I am surprised that atheists will blame God for anything seeing as how he allegedly does not exist . However just because we dont believe something or have not been convinced of its existence I guess that does not mean it isnt there . Today as i was reading the bible I read in one chapter (and I know you will be familiar with this as you said you were once an active christian so forgive me if i am teaching my granny to suck eggs ) Jesus healed a woman with a blood complaint that she had had for 12 years , he raised a 12 year old girl from the dead he healed two blind men he cast out demons and enabled a deaf and dumb man to speak (matthew 9) and still the onlookers were not all convinced that he was the messiah . !! Ya see its a matter of faith .

Jeanne - 13 years ago

Hello Aundrea. Sorry I have been so long in getting back to you both. We have large chickens and it has been very hot here, so they require a lot of attention to keep them from dieing. <BR> <BR>Aundrea, I didn't notice that you were not friendly, and my wish for good health is sincere. <BR> <BR>Christians tend to say "God bless you" to me, and I have adopted my wish for good health for them. <BR> <BR>I have noticed that some people tend to only see the negative and let it obsure the positive. I have great hopes in the positive. <BR> <BR>In fact, it is a running joke here that I am a Pollyanna. <BR> <BR>I believe in miracles too, I just don't think they are because of deity intervention. <BR> <BR>catch you later...:)

Jeanne - 13 years ago

Hello Rob. In my day to day business in my small town, I hear all the time how much credit is given to God for every little thing that happens,not to mention the big things. <BR> <BR>So, I would have to disagree with you that God only gets the blame, in fact God never gets blamed by is always a win/win situation. <BR> <BR>God only gets called on the blame by atheists who are just trying to get christians to wonder why God would do such a thing. <BR> <BR>But we know it is those who use God as an excuse to do evil that are to blame...unless it is nature wrecking our world.

aunmilan - 13 years ago

PS <BR> <BR>oh, I forgot to mention. I've seen miracles with my own eyes. I expect miracles, because I've seen miracles. If I had seen aliens with my own eyes, (I haven't) I suppose I'd expect that I may see them again.

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