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Tue, Sep 06 2005 - 05:32 AM

The Life of a Praize OP

Last night a comment was placed in forums by a member that has no idea what the OPs do. It is not his fault. If anyone has fault it would be me for not informing you all here what goes on in Praize. I apologize. I am going to copy the post here, not to embarrass anyone, but to inform those of you that read this blog. And I apologize for being lax in exposing all that transpires behind the scenes. Here is the post:

I feel that I must indeed make a couple of comments here. First to .... who said:

It is just a website, it's not like there is a concentrated attempt at hostile takeover, or anything.

From your perspective, I am sure that is true. You didn't know when the guy came on three weeks in a row under different IDs and posted pictures so vile that I could not look at them. I saw none clearly because when I saw guts hanging out of who knows where and grossly malformed sexual organs, a body in the street with the head blown off, I closed my eyes.

I saw it after the fact, but several OPs ran around the forums, hiding the pictures as soon as they were posted. Some had nightmares for weeks. Oh, and did I mention that most of this was in Kidz forum?

And to the rest that are posting or reading here... Where were you when the perverts (yes, more than one, I have lost count of how many there have been) came on IM and tried seducing women and children.

Well, enough of that. But maybe that is one reason why we, the OPs don't "do something" when the adults in the forums can't exhibit self-control. Maybe, just maybe, we are chasing down the 58 year old guy in Kidz chat room, posing as a ten-year old and trying to "make friends" with the children there to find out where they live.

The reason why the Apologetics and Debates catagories are in Praize and allow anyone of any religion to post their opinion there is for outreach. Prayerfully sooner or later, there will be enough LOVE shown that the non-Christians will desire to join our ranks. So you see, in spite of everything I have seen here, I KNOW that God still does miracles today.

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Shell D - 13 years ago

Amen! Thanks for putting it all in perspective for this member.

moody51 - 13 years ago

My, oh my! What a blessing you are! Thanks for being the watchmen and women standing on the walls for us. What a sick, sick world and I so glad you OPs' are watching out for us.

rob in ireland - 13 years ago

Bless all the praize ops- you guys are like the soldiers that stood around the wall as the builders were restoring the city. It is good to know that as we labor our backs are protected by a band of warriors whos captain is Jesus.

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