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Fri, Sep 23 2005 - 06:33 PM

I Do Not Hate God!

Without fail someone who is new to the viewpoint of atheism will ask me why I hate God. Then follows the brainstorm that if I can hate God, then I must believe in God. I find it difficult to persuade believers that I do not hate God. I do not think on God at all, except when debating, discussing, questioning belief in God, or contemplating God's moral concepts in comparison to ...say, my moral concepts. I do not believe in many supernatural entities, and I don't hate them either. When I was a believer, I believed in supernatural entities, and I both feared and hated them....but more feared, as in very afraid of them. If God was real to me, then so were werewolves, ghosts, vampires, ghouls, demons. They were worthy of fear and hatred, but even then I did not hate God. I am not angry at God, either, as many believers will tell you about atheists. No, I am not angry at a supernatural entity in whom I do not believe. But believers tend not to accept this fact about atheism. It appears that if I cannot believe and love God, then I must hate and be angry with God. What is the point? Oh, yes, I do not love nor fear Satan, either....because I do not believe in Satan. So, I am not a Satan you know. May I speak plainly?....Only those who believe in God can hate God or be angry with God. Atheists must make do with directing their emotions toward humans.....and humans will usually respond in kind, so we tend to temper our emotions if possible. But, God? I am as indifferent to God as I am toward all other deities. It is only when the actions of those with deity belief impact my life or my country that I lose that indifference.
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aunmilan - 13 years ago

Hello Jean, <BR> <BR>I hope the cooler weather is finding you and your chickens well. <BR> <BR>Of course you can not hate what you believe is not there. However, you seem to have some, may I say, distaste, for Christianity? Perhaps because you believe the "delusion" is distasteful. But I do say that your strong feelings against Christianity do appear to be even more intense than to other religions, other deity belief, or any other belief system. <BR> <BR>Perhaps that is why people say you "hate the living God". <BR> <BR>If it is true that you have a greater distaste for Christianity than any other belief system, then that does mean something. <BR> <BR>But if there is a God, it would have to be love, don't you think? <BR> <BR>Peace to you Jean, <BR>Aundrea

Jeanne - 13 years ago

Hello Walt, and good health to you. <BR> <BR>God had a chance because I believed in God, but there was nothing, so I came to think that there was, in fact, nothing. I was dismayed for a time, but not angry. I was amazed that others became caught up in belief instead of accepting that there was nothing to believe in. <BR> <BR>If I have expressed what seemed to be an angry question of "Why not me?" it was to convey my frustration to believers who so contentedly claim to be one whom God touched. I don't believe their deity belief based on that "touching" to be anything but delusional wishful thinking. <BR> <BR>I cannot be mad at nothing. I cannot hate that which does not exist. <BR> <BR>Indeed, if there is a God, and I am presented to a God, and he to me...THEN I would be very angry at God. <BR> <BR>Would you believe if you had never been "touched" by your deity? If never having been "touched" with proof of your deity, would you think such a deity existed? Would you be angry, or just come to think that God isn't there? <BR> <BR>Or would you allow others to place the blame on you for your lack of sincerity to have faith? If so, would you pretend until you persuaded yourself to believe...a sort of self hypnosis which benefits the "soul?" <BR> <BR>What would you know in your reasoning about what you had experienced...or had not experienced? <BR> <BR>Would you be angry at that which had not happened? Would you hate that whom was not there? <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

Walt - 13 years ago

Jeanne, the last comment was mine...forgot to put my name on it.

Anonymous - 13 years ago

Ya know, Jeanne, its easy to understand why someone would think you're mad at God. Some of your posts in the past have plainly shown that you would believe in Him if He would present Himself to you. That you gave Him a chance and He let you down. And that you quite frequently state "There is no God" because He hasn't proven Himself to you (yet). <BR> <BR>And that's always prompted my question to do you know for sure "there is no God"?

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