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Wed, Jul 09 2008 - 06:50 PM

More Prayer Requests....

I hope to be back to my regular blogging soon.  I really, really miss it.  

For today, I have another prayer request.....(actually 3).

A teenage boy in our homeschool group died this week from injuries sustained from being struck by lightening.  I did not know him personally, but those who did say he was very special and very close to the Lord.  He was at a camp and was riding his bike when it happened.  His name was Landon Dillard.  Please just keep his friends and family in your prayers.  I think he had 3 brothers. 

Another teenager was killed at Six Flags in Georgia.  He was from South Carolina and was visiting Six Flags with his church group.  For some reason, he and a friend climbed over 2 fences that were six feet tall to retreive a hat that was lost while riding.  The ride hit him and decapitated him instantly.  His friend was unharmed.   Although I know absolutely nothing about this child, it breaks my heart for his family and friends.  

My daughter and I talked about the fact that we know God will bring something good from both of these situations but it sure is hard to understand why their deaths had to happen in such horrific ways and at such early ages.  Like Bonnie said in her recent post, I have a lot of questions!  But I know that we serve a Big God and He always works in unusual and amazing ways.   I just cannot think about it alot or I will get sad......

One more......

Many of you will remember my prayer request from quite awhile back on one of my sons friends.. Tyler Arthur.   His Mom died when he was younger and he lost his Dad last year in a freak boating accident.  He lives with his Aunt and she just had a major heart attack!  She is home from the hospital now but he was with her when it happened and had to call the ambulance.  I know he had to be terrified and worried about her now.  His other aunt has cancer and is not doing well at all.   This kid has been through a LOT and needs to be covered with lots of prayers.  He is such a sweet kid.  Again, I just don't understand..... lots of questions. 

Thank you all for joining me in prayer !

Love in Christ, Brandi

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