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Thu, Sep 01 2005 - 05:28 AM

Ms. Kitty is Gone.

This blog is entitled "A Day In The Life Of A PraizeOP". 
At times I have been disappointed in myself for not writing more about what I do here on Praize. Sometimes what I do is boring or tedious. And sometimes it is not for public knowledge. It is 5:00 a.m. So far today I have answered some emails and a couple Help Desk tickets. I deleted identifying information from a young girl's profile and wrote up a Help Desk ticket notifying her that I had done so. I checked out a couple new members and I read a couple of blogs. I still have more email to answer and I am sure that among them there will be Help Desk tickets that need my attention. But I decided to blog first. You see, there is much more to my life than the many hours I spend on Praize. Some day I will talk about all the other things I do. But today I want to tell you about Ms. Kitty.

When we first moved to Missouri and were building our house, I told the Lord that if He wanted me to have another animal, He would have to bring it to me. Our house was being built in the woods, miles from anywhere. We were living in the unfinished attic while we built the downstairs. There was no insulation and only storm windows for light. We lived there for a year and a half. When it was 30 degrees outside it was thirty degrees inside and when it was ninety degrees outside, it was 120 degrees inside! One day I heard a terrible sound... like someone was being tortured. I looked out the windows but didn't see anything. The next afternoon, I heard the sound again. Looking out the window onto the front porch roof, I saw the skinniest, scrawniest cat ever! The noise she was making was because she was starving. Of course the only thing I had in the house to feed her was tuna fish, and this cat became ours. We named her Miss Kitty. (I know that is not very creative, but I read not too long after that that the most brilliant people name their pets uncreative names like Dog or BowWow.) Shortly Miss Kitty got married and became Mrs. Kitty. Unfortunately (or not!) that didn't work out and she ended up being Ms. Kitty. And Ms. Kitty she remained for the next thirteen years.

When we moved here to Arizona, Ms. Kitty contracted a bladder infection. Although we medicated her and cleared up the infection, her bladder suffered and she no longer had control over it. For the past month, we had to keep her sequestered in the small bathroom with newspapers on the floor as she simply peed whenever and wherever. So on Tuesday I took her to the vet and said goodby. It was hard. She was our God-given cat, a real treasure. We loved her. Goodby, Ms. Kitty.

Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary.

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tinkerbellstarjd - 13 years ago

Wow praize op 2! (Hi its me tink! Remember you read my blog and left a comment? Yeah that's me! :D) so I just wanted to return the favor! And plus I also have a cat in cat years she is 14 she was born in 2002 so that would make her.....3 years old in human years. And I know that if she were to die (especially how your poor cat died I would be very very very very sad! Etc...) But she would be in heaven like your cat Miss. Kitty is God's little helper! :) and God is taking good care of her and actually miss kitty is not a bad name for a cat! Very creative in MY opinion! I kinda copied my cats name when I was watching TV a character in the show had a cat named Cupcake I thought it was cute so I named my cat Cupcake plus everytime she sleeps she goes in a ball shape so she looks like a chocolate cupcake and yet she is so special like one of god's little helpers. When I'd sleep she would be on the bed guarding me and she would wake me up my purring on me sometimes like a message from God perhaps? I'm not sure......but now I'm just going to write some more of my own thoughts in my blog................

janesgkb - 13 years ago

Nana, the things you bear on this journey are all to the glory of God and for a testimony and for blessing others. Even the things that hurt. I love you, Sis.

aunmilan - 13 years ago

I'm so sorry for your loss. God is so good to us to give us a glimpse of His love through the unconditional love of our pets. I thank Him for His great gift to you, and I pray that He will ease your saddness, lonliness, and fill you with His great comfort and peace.

Sarah - 13 years ago

Thanks, Rob, for all the good thoughts. When my husband went back to MO recently, he asked three people there for lodging for a week and they all turned him down. You bring up a good point about Jesus accepting us. I wonder how often we turn Jesus away saying, "There is no room at the inn"!!! Help us, Lord!

rob in ireland - 13 years ago

Sarah first of all thanks for your hard work as a praise op. Secondly Happy Happy Anniversary. And finally so sorry about the passing of your adopted pet. I was just thinking as you told the story how when Jesus found us we must have appeared scrawny and starving and in dire need of love and attention. Praise him that like you there was room in his kingdom for the lost and weary . God Bless.

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