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Wed, Nov 28 2018 - 03:47 PM

Are You Missing???

Some of you, may have found Praize recently, and some of you may have written posts.  Then you may have logged off, only to come back a day or two later and found your membership deleted.  Yep.  I did that.  You really should read what you sign up for.  I have to admit that some of what you post is very interesting and might even be helpful to some people...even me.

Having said that, I still can't leave your posts here when they ignore the rules.  The Terms of Service (RULES) can  be found at the bottom right-hand corner of EVERY page! Just above Translate This Page.  After reading them, if you have any question about the post I deleted and your membership, send me a Private Message, and I will reply to it.  I'm really sorry to see you go, and I welcome you back, but you must agree with the rules, and if you haven't read them, how can you know?

God bless.

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jeanne53 - 6 months ago

Harrumph, harrumph! Give that PraizeOP a harrumph!

jesuslives2 - 6 months ago

I am not missing I am still here haven't died yet still here! Arnt rules suppose to be broken? Just absoutly kidding. Wonderful reminder thanks for reminding us

m7thprophet - 6 months ago


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