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Mon, Apr 02 2018 - 12:13 AM


Sun, Apr 01 2018 - 07:14 PM

Who is Jesus?

So much has happened in the past month, where do I begin?  I doubt that your response would be any better than mine! LOL  Sometimes I want to forget that politics even exist.  I can think of a number of things I would rather talk about.  And baseball season has begun again.  I do enjoy baseball, but I wish they didn’t play every day.  It can get a little boring watching it every day.  I’m just looking at Steve Lough on TV who is running for congress.  Those are just a few of the things happening this currant month.  And I don’t see much to write about.   Sad.

So let’s talk a little about Easter.  It comes every year and we usually treat it pretty much the same way.  I have a difficult time thinking about the horrors of the crucifixion. I don’t do well with anything that involves blood or hurt of any kind.  Just something I can’t stand.  So even though I know what happened, I try to think more about the resurrection.

If nothing else, celebrating Easter every year reminds people that Jesus was real and he DID come.  We should at least recognize it for what it is… the birth of a savior.  No one requires you to accept Him as a savior.  I just have to feel sorry for you if you don’t.  He is the best thing that ever happened in my life.  And if you haven’t recognized Him as that,  You still have the best thing on your waiting list.  If you haven’t tried Jesus, I suggest you do before it is too late for you.

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