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Tue, Mar 13 2018 - 12:10 AM

Ayurveda and the Preparation of Indian food for Magical Health Benefits

Nutrition is one aspect that we don’t pay attention while preparing food these days. While we know that the sole purpose of eating food is not just fill up our stomach but rather eat food to energize ourselves and be healthy. So it’s anybody’s guess why there is a growing need nowadays to make this happen. Indian food’s popularity has really grown in the recent years as you can find an Indian restaurant in a remote geographical region too. So that’s no fluke you will see thousands of Google searches for indian Cuisine menu st.kitts.

The topic I want to discuss here related to Indian food is Ayurveda. You can easily read a lot of material on this subject online and that’s why I also decided to write a complete blog on this topic.

Around the world, people enjoy food in their own traditional way but also experiment to eat cuisines from other cultures too. Indian food is one of the cuisines that has garnered one of the highest attention in recent years because of the diversity in it and the nutrition factor too as many dishes belong to vegetables and fruits. But one factor I would like to pay attention to is the practice of Ayurveda and how it makes most of the Indian dishes really scrumptious and nutritious.

Ayurveda and how it can be of Help to us

The roots of Ayurveda can be traced back thousands of years ago but still it is one of the most potent way to offer health care facilities in India. While some people are skeptical about it as they think that it is an old-fashioned way, many people in India and abroad believe in it. Its literal meaning is life-knowledge. It is simply a system of medicine now seen as alternative medicine to the world outside of Indian subcontinent.

Food plays a prominent role in promoting health and Ayurveda is exactly about this aspect. This system revolves around a unique constitution or prakruti, a simple combination of emotional, physical and mental characteristics of a person. They are usually determined factoring in the time of the birth of a person and the surrounding factors at that time and place. Improper food combination which is weighed by other factors can make a person sick and can lead to mental trauma and physical stress among other factors.

The 5 Basic Elements of Ayurveda

Any creation expresses itself through five elements, that is, space, fire, earth, water and air. These elements manifest in the body as the 3 governing principles which are basically called doshas and are vata, pitta and kapha. Let me introduce all of these briefly as why these are important in our daily food intake and problems can occur as a result.

Vata can be associated with many neurological problems as well as constipation and asthma as it is a subtle energy made up of air and ether. Pitta represents fire and hence responsible for diseases such as ulcer and numerous inflammatory disorders. The third one Kapha is made up of earth and water and irregularity in it can cause obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes among other diseases. The elimination of toxic elements from the body and how to reestablish constitutional balance is the key.

You can easily guess from the above description that Ayurveda and the food prepared, keeping in mind its principles, can be really healthy, nutritious and can offer us immense benefits in the long run.

Final Word

Because of worldwide popularity of Indian food, Ayurveda and food prepared keeping the practices of this discipline in mind can be the found worldwide. As I discussed the probability of finding Indian cuisine and St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean islands, Ayurveda is fast becoming how Indian food is luring worldwide audiences.

If you have a query in mind regarding any of the aspects mentioned in this blog or want to offer your valuable feedback, please use the comments section below in this regard.

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