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Wed, Feb 21 2018 - 12:44 AM

Billy Graham Graduates!

Billy Graham has graduated!

Oh, what a glorious day for him!  Today he receives his graduation!  He no longer has to look on sin!  I know he is enjoying the glory that is surrounding him this day!  He has led a life to be envied!  I know the Father is celebrating Billy’s graduation!  I know that He is so very proud of Billy and will be rejoicing in his presence.  I pray for those who will take his place.  I don’t know if just one person can replace him or if it will take an entire ministry.  Either way, God has a plan; and His plans are always perfect.  I hate to see Billy go; but I am very happy for him and excited about the future that will rise to replace him… not that anyone could.  But God has a plan for the future and I can’t wait to watch!

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wolvienne - 1 year ago

Well done good and faithful servant!

robbieweeks - 1 year ago

Wow, congratulations)

jeanne53 - 1 year ago

Ninety-nine years. Well done!

m7thprophet - 1 year ago


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