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Thu, Feb 01 2018 - 05:26 PM

Hi, Sweethearts!

I know, in the past, I have been upset that more people didn’t join Praize.  Now I wish I had never said anything.  I am sick and tired of people joining Praize, pretending to be writers and wanting people to hire them.  The sad thing is, most of them can’t even spell!  On top of that, they never stop to read the “Terms of Service” which are located at the bottom right-hand corner of EVERY Praize page. 

For everyone that joins Praize, it takes me between fifteen minutes and half an hour to check them out. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but somehow it is.  And I have to admit, I have never had a lot of patience with stupidity.  I could be spending the time with Jesus or with His loved ones.

I want to welcome the new members that have come lately and have posted.  It is great to have “new blood”, and I know that the rest of the more senior members appreciate you as well and recognize the time it takes to post.  So post often! If you have any questions, PM me or PaizeOP.  And be sure to read the Terms & Agreements that are posted at the lower right-hand corner of EVERY page in Praize.  God bless!



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jeanne53 - 11 months ago

Sarah, I am sad too that Praize is being used for advertising. Except for Craig, those who make multiple topics are spaming the site and are hired by a company that provides cheaters with term papers, etc.

If I were you, I would just delete these "members" immediately. Most sites now have a "test" to determine if the "person" wanting to join is actually a robot. A lot of these might fall into that category. They may not be individuals, but just a pre-programed computer program (robot) that scans the web for any appropriated site to post their ads, like sticking posters all over the cities. People were hired to do this by a firm advertising something, hoping someone would be interested and call.

Recently it has been found out that Twitter followers can be bought very cheap...100,000 for 20 dollars. They are not real people, but a computer generated robot that replies to tweets and makes the main person seem to have lots of likes or dislikes.

Since you don't have the cash flow to make a robot detector, just delete any obvious spamers.

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