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Thu, Nov 30 2017 - 06:17 PM


Ah, the challenges of life!  I was in third grade when I taught myself to type.  Yep... on the old Underwood typewriter!  You remember: the ones that clicked every time you hit a key..  it went zing, zing, zing, zing, zing, and boing! As it hit the end of the row.  I had to take my right hand off the keys, hit the knob and send the carrier back to the left side of the machine and start all over on the next line of my composition. 

And I was FAST!  And it was FUN! 

Come to today. I'm working on a ten-year-old computer.  My six-year-old computer is at the tech's home where he is attempting to bring it into something that works.  I have not caught up with the world today. I did open a new membership to help with part of my problem, but I think the answer is a new(er) computer. The problem with that is that I have to learn how to use it.  I started way back when and now need a computer called Windows 10.  I have no idea what that means.  What it means is that I have to learn something new again.  Why couldn't they make the first one work?  Why do we have to change what we know every few years?  And I can't even go into Apple or Chrome because then I REALLY don't know anything about THEM! 

So please bear with me while I wait on the return of something that I promise I will learn how to use.  I promise!


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wolvienne - 1 year ago

Well, like you I started on an Underwood typewriter and then graduated to a Brother word processor. Then one day my niece's grade school wanted to show off their new .Apple 2 computers and teach the parents how to use computers. My sister wasn't interested in attending the program, so I took my niece over to the program. They taught us how to do searches and word processing and play games. I tried the Oregon Trail game and enjoyed it so much that I wanted a computer of my own. Unfortunately, it would be 15 years before I could afford one. I have since learned many things about computers and how they can help in everyday life. I have texted friends and family, watched old movies and TV shows, played games, collected family recipes, bought things online and am currently putting together the church bulletins for my church. Sarah, if your husband thinks it is hard, I can relate to that. I thought the same thing, even after having bought my first computer, and it wasn't until I saw how it could supplement my personal interests. For Instance, if you love woodworking and decide that you want to make an entertainment center, you go to You Tube search and type in "make an entertainment center". Videos will pop up of people who have made them with step by step instructions, thus giving you ideas on how to make one. Sarah, you know what the man's interests are, just show him how the computer can supplement those interests. Hey it's worth a shot!

Sarah-OP - 1 year ago

Jeanne, I once used a Mac about 15 years ago and seemed to like it. However, my husband won't hear of it. I will show him your post, but I am doubtful. He thinks it is hard. That has not been my experience from the one time I used it.

Sarah-OP - 1 year ago

Jesuslives2, check out the Praize chat room for me? I can get in, but I don't know if members can. I'd appreciate it!

jesuslives2 - 1 year ago

Alright so this is a little humor from me but I believe that's why God created young people to teach you guys how to work stuff lol windows 10 is like windows 7 but with windows ten you have to have different browsers for different things like some chat sites wont work with Microsoft edge which is a browser but they work for IE girl I got your back but the thing is learning a new thing is always good because if we never learned how to do new things how would we be able to grow? you got this

jeanne53 - 1 year ago

Oh, Sarah, you should get a MacIntosh computer. You know, an apple computer. You will never go back to the user un-friendly PC. You can buy refurbished iMac if you prefer a desktop, which lasts much longer than the laptops. New iMacs are expensive, but well worth the cost. They are nearly virus immune and just so user friendly.

I typed in hunt and peck style on an Underwood when I was young too, but not until later did I learn my finger positions and type properly. I insisted that each of my kids take keyboarding in school, which they did not like at the time, but thanked me for later. So many students never learn to type the proper way and are left in life to hunt and peck.

Of course, today most people type with their thumbs, so much so that since texting became all the rage several years ago, thumb joint disorders have sky-rocketed.

Check out a friends iMac and see if it isn't simpler for you.

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