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Mon, Nov 06 2017 - 10:35 AM

Condolences to the members of First Baptist Church

It is sad to see another gun rampage.

I would like to extend condolences to all my brothers and sisters who lost loved ones in the the shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas.

Unfortunately this man snapped. I understand that the military was taking a stand against family violence when they discharged this man from military duty. But ironically economic hardship is also created for the family when you take away gainful employment for a man. And you create a powderkeg when that individual cannot get another job.

I would recommend mandatory counseling from a military counseler rather than termination. Of course an individual with military training who cannot control their temper has to be kept under watch. Orlando and Dallas shootings also are an example of what a military trained individual can do when they are angry.

There is much evil and anger in the world right now. One thing that I find has helped me as a Christian is the following prayer:

And Lord in heaven, please also protect me from witchcraft attacks, and attacks by evil spirits, unclean spirits and demonic spirits. I pray they may be repelled from my person and property. Please protect abused children and abused righteous people from attacks.

Of course Christians will always experience some persecution, however prayer helps the believer. Also a security plan for the church.



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jeanne53 - 1 year ago

It is a sad commentary that we need to think of a "security plan" for our places of worship. Frankly, any community gathering needs to think of a security plan. I will not be surprised to see this sort of consideration and action begin to take place in our country.

There is no way to predict crazy, but planning for the possibility of crazy is worthwhile.

An even sadder commentary is that there are some Americans who are not sorry for what has happened in our recent tragic attacks. What are people thinking? I know, I know...this country is too far away from faith. I think many are too far away from love.

praizeop2 - 1 year ago

Hi, roundtable, always good to hear from you. Thank you for your thoughts, and especially your prayer. I sometimes forget about the demonic spirits and etc. that are involved in these attacks. When I was first saved, they were very active in my life and the lives of those around me. Over time, they seemed to let go in major areas, and I tend to pray over things that I see as active. So thanks for always hearing the Lord on what to write about. You never know whom you might reach. God bless, my friend. ~ Sarah

blessed2b - 1 year ago

Good morning. I was praying about this and was lead to Matthew 24. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers although I am not one of the members of that particular congregation, we are all family of God. Therefore what hurts one of us, hurts us all. My prayer is for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ and for those who haven't found the need for redemption, righteousness and worship of the Lord. Praying you are blessed today!!