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Mon, Nov 06 2017 - 08:42 AM

May you Rest in Grace ~ Message for the Christian!

Christian, The WAR is hard is it not?. It can be very tough on us if you do not know the whole truth of the Gospel of Grace. I believe God wants us to come to the waters that Jesus provides for us.  At the same time GOD sent manna from heaven to strengthen us in the fight of faith.  In a dry and barren land there IS hope as the BATTLE is raging!!!  WE must go the CROSS! We must revisit the crucifixion!

We must come to know the truth that Jesus ultimately defeated our sins on the cross! I am not talking to a unbeliever, I am talking to those who missed the whole point of the gospel... I want to POINT you BACK to the CROSS.   Jesus died for our sins so WE DIED to our sins!!! Those sins we have struggled with for years have been crucified. Why are you still holding onto your sin? You are a new Creation!!!  Are you acting like it???  Or are you letting the DEVIL define you in your weak nature!! This message should give you strength. THe ultimate battle HAS BEEN WON! GO ahead Look in that empty tomb  you will not find JESUS' body!!! YOU need to have your heart and soul revel in this for a week or so....GET LOST in the revelation of what Jesus did for you and find your way back!!!

You will taste and see that GOD is good! Jesus You are the Living Water and manna to give us strength in this battle!

He wants to give us His strength and power....Resurrection power!!!  Are you walking in the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead? He also raised you too. Your sins died on the cross. YOU DIED and YOU  should be R.I.G.   THe really dead people we always say may they R.I.P. 

The not so dead believers should be resting in grace.....What I mean is resting in what Jesus did for you back at the cross? NO. Your eyes should have left His gazeeeee of His eyes to began with...I dont know about you but me? I am a big eyes person, you can tell alot about someone because you eyes are the windows of your soul....I believe we can turn our eyes back onto him in the Spirit!!!He wants us back right now, not tommorrow. He does not want you to miss out on great blessings and gifts that he wants to give you in His great inheritance!!!

I pray you take time to please reflect on all of this.  We are supposed to be breathing, walking, talking, and witnessing JESUS to a lost and dying world.  WE were never meant to walk in our own initiative but in the divine power of the Holy Spirit.   Our fleshly nature should have died years ago. that selfish nature should never define your sin,  but redefine that you are a TRUE BORN AGAIN SPIRIT FILLED BELIEVER!

Satan wants you walking around deceived. HE is a liar and you cannot trust what he says!!! I know he had me deceived for many years!!! I truly desire to walk in the gospel of grace.   I want to die!!! and be resurrected to live who I was destined to be on this earth!!! 

You see Jesus died a cruel death, but He was raised incorruptible!!! HE was beaten, despised and rejected and took it all upon Himself. HE was not only bruised for our iniquities, but HE carried them to the cross with the great weight of the sins of the whole world upon HIMSELF. Your sin, yes the believer and nonbeliever as well.

Its not over for us as Christians.  We will war with the spiritual forces of the unseen world. Those spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly realms, these principalities over areas of the land....We overcome the world because JESUS DID!!!

The one truth we need to know is that 
We do not need to leave our first love. The lover of our soul is Jesus Christ. He loves us soooo much!!! HE does not want us to be lonely or misery or defeated.

How can Jesus be our rock??? By his death, burial, and resurrection HE defeated sin and hell and death-all the forces of darkness!!! That makes Him my rock, what about you???

For the unbeliever this is the good news. But what about us as Christians who are fighting a losing battle???  

We are not under the law, but under grace!!!  Are you resting in grace????   I don't know about you but...the LAW did nothing but make be rebellious and disobedient and utterly sin-stained....My sins defined me, but the SON of GOD has refined me with resurrection power under the grace of God.

Jesus gives us power over all our sin and the devil.... We will always fight our flesh, but we need to die to it if we are going to be victorious!!! 


We were given all the armor at the point of salvation...we need to be proactive in our walk in Christ and stand firm against the forces that would like to drag you through the dirt.  

Submit to God, resist the devil and He flees!!! I don't know why I am saying this or who I am speaking to, I am  just a vessel that God can use to spread this message.

IF you dont know Jesus as your LORD and SAVIOUR, I would like to lead you in a prayer and I will try to close....This is not over by a long shot....As these messages come forth, I pray my mind and hands will deliver them accurately!!!

I come to you Jesus and open the door to my heart, Come into my heart and become a full time resident. Please forgive me of my sins and wash me in that BLOOD that cleanses me of all my sin! You WORD says that and we believe it. Help me and open the eyes of My heart to the truth in the WORD of GOD! Help me find a church that lifts up JESUS. Let me experience your Holy Spirit in a very tangable way, in Jesus most HOLY name,,,Amen!!

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richardhicks50 - 10 months ago

Hey Saran, I bookmarked the site, i will be posting more. God Bless you too.

praizeop2 - 10 months ago

A good word. I hope you will continue to blog on Praize. Blessings ~ Sarah

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