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Fri, Nov 03 2017 - 04:21 PM

Is Jesus in First Place??

It has almost been two weeks that I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit, felt like I was supposed to spend more time alone with God in prayer and reading the Bible.  I felt the impression I needed to spend less time on me and more time on my relationship with GOD.  One of  the first things I did was get off facebook... so I logged it off, and searched and found some really good Christian social sites. I have been posting there as well as spending more time with God, just being ALONE with HIM and doing some "heavy soul-searching" on my part "about" my relationship with HIM!

In "many ways" over the months my relationship with God has waned, I have backslid and fallen from the grace of God. I had lost sight of Jesus and not given HIM first place in many areas of my life. God doesn't want us to give up on Him. He created us, and HE wants a relationship with US first and foremost. 

I think of the verse in the bible, Matthew 6:33 that I have known my memory for a long time. It goes something like this "Seek ye FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all these things will be added unto you."    WE have to make Jesus our first priority in our life, every day... every hour... and every minute... and every second....lingering in His Presence...letting Him lead our everyday lives.....Even second counts in living for HIM!

It has been very good for me to get my eyes off of myself. I spend the morningslistening to worship music, and praying and interceding for others, as well as reading the word and ministering when I can...  It has really changed the atmosphere of my mornings being in the Presence of God, feeling HIS forgiveness for turning away from Him, and feeling the grace to move forward in my life with God.

My reading and praying time with God had become very sporadic.  I don't know where I get these big words except by the Holy Spirit. 

*Waned is defined as to decrease to decline in importance, intensity and strength.

*Sporadic is defined as occasional

We should not worship God on occasion or when we feel like it!  WE should NOT serve him on a Sunday to Sunday basis!!! I never wanted to be known as a hypocrite, but that is for some people that mask and live double lives!! I have been there and done that, it is not a healthy way to live!!!

I desire to be a upfront christian and serve HIM 24/7!!! I love Jesus very much!!!

If it were not for HIM, I would probably be in Whitfield right about now. Whitfield is the mental hospital in Mississippi!  I owe it to God to find out what I am supposed to be doing, and do it with my whole heart!!! Serve God to be best of my ability!!!

I dont want to live without HIM living breathing and moving through my life. Without HIM I AM NOTHING, but in him I have everything I ever needed!!!

What I can do to help you is point you to Jesus, The simple gospel assures us of salvation and eternal life. He died on the cross for your sins and defeated death and hell in the grave and rose again on the THIRD DAY!!!  HE so desires you to come to him and be one with HIM this day. I pray you give your heart to Jesus one hundred percent. Tomorrow may never arrive for you. You may die today, do you  know where you will serve eternity? in Heaven or in Hell....  Open the door of your heart to Jesus today, and allow him to come into and reside and become a living resident in your life. You will not regret it! 


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praizeop2 - 1 year ago

Great word that we ALL needed to hear. Thanks for sharing. Blessings ~ Sarah

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