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Tue, Oct 31 2017 - 06:07 AM

The Mystery of Time Management in College – Solved

College is one of the busiest spans in a person’s life. Rephrase – college is the busiest span of time in a person’s life. More than anything else in the college, a student has difficulty managing time.

The duties are practically limitless, time is scarce, and there is not a single task that can be skipped. So how is it that one can cope up with it? The answer to this is simple – time management. We have here a list of tips and techniques that will help you in real-life time management:

•Say No:

If you are in college, this tip will probably be of much use to you. Majority of the time that a college student wastes is because they cannot say no to the peer. If a mate offers you to join them for a game, but you have an assignment to write, and you can’t say no – you wasted your time. But if you knew how to refuse without being rude, you saved your time.


Another very important tip is to arrange your to-do list in the order of decreasing importance. This will let you have a clear view of tasks ahead, and you will be able to focus on the task at hand, which you can then finish at the earliest to move to the next one.

•Remove distractions:

Distractions are the biggest enemies of time. We accept that a person cannot survive college without internet and a phone, but it is totally up to you – whether you control the phone or the phone controls you. It is noteworthy that surveys have reported that a major chunk of time wasted in colleges and high schools is a direct result of the overuse of phones.

•Carry a Watch:

This might sound trifle at the first sight, but let us explain how this works. If you are doing something that requires utmost attention, you will never care to unlock the screen of your phone to look at the time. On the contrary, if you have a table clock or a wristwatch, it will be easier for you to keep a track of the time.

•Set Remainders:

This technique involves the use of your phone (obviously). There is an option of setting reminders with alarms in every smartphone. Utilize that option; always set remainders 15 minutes ahead of the actual time you needed to be reminded of that particular thing.

•Cheat clock:

Set all your watches and clocks for 5-7 minutes forward of the actual time. This, again, sounds trifle, but you will be amazed to see how effective this technique can be. Forwarding your clocks can save you from missing public transport, being late to classes, the last-minute hustle in exams, and a lot more.

College is undoubtedly a busy time, but with the right set of rules, you can manage anything. However, if you ever have any trouble in writing your essays, you can ask an essay writing service for help.

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