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Wed, Oct 25 2017 - 09:30 AM

Time to Invest in Your Marriage!

It's amazing how intentional we tend to be with our children compared to our spouse. To be a proper parent, most of us have a running checklist in our mind about what's required, such as healthy food, regular sleep routine, chores, homework time, play dates, proper love,  limits to behavior, doctor visits, teacher conferences, etc. However, most of us have no checklist for our marriage to keep it healthy. Ideally, it would start with a couples Bible study to ensure we are grounding our relationship in the Word. We must learn what God says about our marriage and how He wants us to approach it. How are we supposed to handle conflict, communication, intimacy, time together, finances, parenting, etc? We need a checklist so we can regularly review how well we are doing and where we need help. Since we are fallen by nature, we drift in the wrong direction in marriage naturally. Therefore, we need regular reminders of how to be a loving and selfless spouse. One excellent option for couples is marriage seminars. There are numerous offered around the country, such as this marriage retreat in Texas. Attending these types of seminars are vital to keeping our marriage healthy because they provided undivided attention where you can fully focus on your spouse like you did during your courting days. Things went well during the courting days because we gave our spouse so much time and attention, which made them feel loved and cared for. Unfortunately, as time goes on and other responsibilities enter the picture our time and attention go elsewhere. The longer this occurs, the more our marriage suffers, making it vulnerable to all sorts of problems and temptations. Therefore, couples must wake up to this drift and intentionally do something about it. God hates divorce and He wants us to love and honor our spouse. However, it's difficult to do that when we don't regularly take time out to focus on our marriage. 

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