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Mon, Oct 23 2017 - 02:34 AM

Renovate your kitchen to modern standards with these essential tips

While you remodel your kitchen for a brand new appeal, do not forget to keep plumbing parts and supplies handy at all times for urgent situations.

Believe it or not, the kitchen is a unique space in any house which is surely more than fancy cabinets and expensive electrical appliances keeper. Not only do the women of the house need the kitchen to be spacious but they also want it to be comfortable and functional.

Aspiring to renovate your kitchen for a modernized look and a far greater functionality? If yes, you definitely need to read the given tips before you visit the showrooms or decide to order the new plumbing materials online.

Colors play an important role

Colors can affect us psychologically and hence are known to play a vital role. Whether you decide to paint your cabinets or change the wall paint, be sure to go for lighter tones and simpler textures. Colors such as white, powder blue and pale yellow can actually open up space and make the kitchen appear far roomier.

As for textures, play around with different wall painting and window curtains to compliment the plain walls.

Kitchen Sink is where the action lies!

From cleaning vegetables, prepping to cook to cleaning used dishes, the sink takes it all! The first aspect you ought to consider when thinking about changing your sink is, whether your favorite pot will fit in it or not?

Moreover, believe it or not, looks do matter. Each and every piece of a fixture in the kitchen speaks for itself. Without further ado, you should hit the online websites to order the sink which gels with your kitchen's theme.

Tip: Always keep extra plumbing parts and supplies handy in case the tap stops working properly.

Find the Right Height

Height and placement of kitchen items make or breaks the whole look. The ideal height for cabinets basically depends on where you can reach them comfortably. The ideal height for a microwave should be 10-12 inches above countertops or if you have kids, the microwave should be kept at the counter level.

As for the wall hanging racks, they should be placed at an eye level or above eye level to enhance the kitchen's spaciousness.

Set the water Temperature according to your Mood

Ever faced issues with fluctuating water temperatures in the kitchen as soon as someone jumped in the shower? Worry no more and remodel your kitchen to modern standards by opting for a deluxe kitchen water temperature controller.

 You will not only be able to preset the water temperature at hot up to 50 degrees before running the tap, but you will no longer have to worry about the cold spells of water coming between the comfy hot water flows. Check out online websites and order away!

Increase Storage Spaces

We all need immense storage space for our groceries, dishes, utensils, silverware, bowls and what not. Why pile up bowl on top of the bowl in the cabinet when you can simply increase the storage space by adding a few racks and new cabinets?

If your fourth wall is empty, get a custom-made cabinet and get it fixed on the wall, mid-air. Better yet, purchase stylish readymade floor cabinets with drawers and multiple sections and store all your dishes and pots in one place.

Hygiene Matters

Not only do we want our kids to eat and drink healthy but we give a good impression when our guests feel the same. Hygiene, especially in the kitchen plays a vital role. With that said, why drink tap water when you can utilize and take benefit from a water filter pump specially designed for the kitchen?

The filter pump will not only flush out toxins and germs from your water but it will also allow your drinking water to become fresh and after-taste free! Checkout Puretec water filter Maxi plus online and order away.

Organize the Range Beautifully

What is any food without spices and herbs? Moreover, if you don’t cook with the ideal spoons, the food won't taste as delicious!

Point being, arranging the range beautifully truly brings out the look of the kitchen. While you can hang the spoons and spatulas behind the cooking space for an ideal reach, you can meanwhile place a cute rack nearby and set all the spice jars for a colorful appeal!


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