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Wed, Oct 18 2017 - 10:58 AM

What Do You Think?


            I am really in a quandary.  It breaks my heart to see day after day go by with very few people using Praize.   Everyone is plenty willing to post their views on Facebook.  What is different about Praize?  Is it too Christian?  (How can something be too Christian?) 

            I have talked some to PraizeOP about closing it. He doesn’t want to… (nor do I), but what good is it just sitting here with no one using it?  So I’m coming to you and asking…  do you have any simple suggestions for change?  We are not technicians, so can’t really change much when it comes to content… yet there are a few things we can do, so give us a try.  You never know unless you ask.  I would be grateful just for suggestions even if they are not things that we can accomplish.

            So please reply to this post and talk to us.  Let us know what you are feeling.

            God bless you!                 

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richardhicks50 - 10 months ago

I dont really know you all but please dont get discouraged and give up. There are people like me who are tired of dealing with Facebook.

rdrcofe - 11 months ago

have you tried signing up to Google Analytics and optimizing your website on Google Searches.

Regards Chris.

jeanne53 - 11 months ago

Hi Blessed2b. So glad you checked in. I was speaking with my husband this morning about the dilemma and he suggested that Sarah's church may have someone who could do some IT work for free. I agree this site has everything, except a lot of traffic and forum discussion from more than just us old members. I remember you from way back.

blessed2b - 11 months ago

Good morning,

I was sitting in a Bible study that is now being held in my home relaying a blessing from God that started with blogging on Praize when I suddenly had the nudging from the Holy Spirit to touch base with people on Praize. Here I found your question.

I agree with the suggestions from Jeanne regarding your dilemma for being found more easily and getting more people attracted to the site. I also agree that I love just how everything is presented and could not ask for more. You have done well in offering many different connections to minister to anyone. I also agree with James that anything that is happening is not your fault. People can be fickle or just to absorbed in life and slowly led away from something that was important. Please don't lose heart. If even one is led to Christ through your site, it is worth it. I am wondering if contacting churches might give you more options. I know that is a huge undertaking, but I mentioned that I used to blog on this site and one of the ladies in the group went out and purchased a blog site rather than look this site up for what it had to offer. From the number of people that have signed up, it doesn't appear that you don't have interest. Some people just come to check things out but don't feel the freedom to interact. Others just search without knowing what they are looking for. I think that you have answers for what they are looking for. I feel your answer is "Stay the course" and then there is James 1. God bless.

jeanne53 - 11 months ago

For instance, here is a Christian Forum website:

I don't know what makes this different? Is it because people have to join in a link with FaceBook or Google? Can Praize offer that ability? Maybe that is what is the matter. I am thinking about other forums and sites that I have joined and most of them link in other ways.

But...that is a technical question. Someone you know must be able to assist you. I have no idea what such tasks might cost, but I would be happy to offer to help.

I know this is so frustrating, Sarah. I have been dumbfounded by the loss of the many members Praize has had. One told me that the forums were too political, but I don't know exactly what was meant by that. Maybe it was the presence of atheists, but since we still communicate, maybe not. Maybe the atmosphere was too Evangelical political.

I am sorry I can't be of more help. I am just sitting here and shaking my head...

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