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Thu, Aug 17 2017 - 05:34 AM

Best Gift Ideas for College Students



It is a real struggle to find the perfect gift for college students that they might actually need and can be used to help them in their college life. Mostly college students survive on junk food, caffeine, drinking and late night parties once in a while. Gifting them something that might help them in their everyday life can make them happy. Here is a list of things that you can present to college students.


1.Shower basket: Make a shower basket because it is always a necessity for the students. Fill the basket with a shower gel, toothbrush, razors, towels, and slippers. Place a cute card inside wishing them good luck for the years to come. Wrap it in a plastic gift paper or tie a ribbon around it to make it look fancier. This will be appreciated by the student as they won’t have to spend money on these necessities.

2.Food containers: Storing food properly in dorms and hostels can be a real struggle for the students. Buy a pack of different sizes of containers and customize the labels accordingly. Label each container for different stuff. In short, you will be making the student's life a lot easier.

3.  Night suits: If you think that your child or your friend needs a new pajama set because their night suit looks like an old rag, thenbthis is a perfect gift for them. Buy them a cute breathable pajama set to show them you care about the littlest of the things.

4.  Sriracha Keychain: Most dorms, hostels, and cafeteria serve healthy but bland food. Give them the refillable bottle of Sriracha keychain that they can take anywhere they want and would never have to eat tasteless food again. Trust me, they will be thanking you for this gift.

5.  Journal: College days pass by too quickly. If you want your friend or child to remember the good and bad days spent there, then buy them a handy pocket journal so that they can write down all the memories and remember you when they read it in the future.

6.  Cure cookbook: College days are filled with stressful projects and assignments whereas nights are pumped with partying and drinking. But the horrifying hangover in the next morning is a bummer. Help your college friend by giving them a cure cookbook with different recipes to make them feel alright in no time. You can find the cure cookbook in any book store easily. Wrap it in a nice gift paper and you’re good to go.

7.      Heated slippers: Who doesn’t love heated slippers especially when they are cute. Buy your friend or child the heated slippers for the chilly days when the dorm floors are cold as anything. To help them survive the winters and brighten up their mood whenever they look at the adorably cute slippers to slip their feet in and forget all their worries. This is the best gift for the girls as they cannot ignore cute things lying around in their rooms.


Author Bio: The author of this article is Sharlyn William, who is a business student at a very reputable university in San Francisco majoring in marketing, who enjoys writing in his free time. And also gives assignment writing service when students can’t do

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