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Tue, Aug 08 2017 - 05:27 AM

Never a Dull Moment...

God bless you, my friends!  As a Christian, there is never a dull moment...  I am not sure whether some of this comes from the enemy or from my beloved Abba.  Either way, I give full authorization to Abba to do whatever is necessary to take me through it.

You may not know that I recently went to the hospital.  I do not want to repeat that experience here except to say that the veins in my legs are being reduced by age.  So far, we have received no correction for the problem, but are continuing to look for possibilities as people speak into our lives.  Please pray for a complete healing.  Jesus took the stripes and we want to thank Him for that.  My goal is to get back to line-dancing, which is the best remedy for strengthening leg muscles.  I stopped dancing two years ago when I fell and broke my hip.  I believe that was the start of my physical downfall.

So just when you think things cannot get any worse, I went for a walk last night as that is supposed to strengthen the smaller veins in my legs to take over the responsibility of moving blood for which the larger veins are no longer able to carry.  When I opened the door and walked into the house, there, in front of me on the floor was a five inch lizard!!!  Now no one is more afraid of creepy crawly things than I am.  Eventually, it went under the washing machine and I haven't seen it since.

It is now kind of like satan.  It is an evil thing that occupies the back of my mind and the back of my house; and the only thing I can do is pray against it, asking Father to keep it out of my sight.  I hope that somehow He will get rid of it and my house will once again be free from the uninvited.  I pray He will do the same for sin in my life and sickness.  Heal me, Father, and keep me clean, in Jesus' Name, amen.

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blessed2b - 1 year ago

Praying for you!! When I lived in Puerto Rico we had to live with the windows open. The lizards came and went, but none bothered anyone. They seemed to mainly feel comfortable coming in and people watching. I had one that came in every morning and help himself to anything on the floor that he deemed edible. One day he came in and his tail looked like it was dying. I didn't see it again and in my mind I felt he came to say goodbye. For me they were company and they seemed to be more afraid of me than I was of them. That was something my dad told me when I was small and was surprised by a garter snake. It slithered up the walk, I screamed and it jumped straight up in the air. I still prefer that uninvited guests stay our and am very tired of all the time I have had with considering "the ants". I look forward to the day when there is no more pain or sorrow. Until that time, I will just praise the Lord. Praying your day is especially blessed!!

wolvienne - 1 year ago

Six months ago, my friend Kenny's main right leg blood vessel was so bad that his cells in the leg muscles were dying and he had to have another artery put in his leg. Through much prayer and a slow building up of him taking longer and longer walks, his circulation has improved to the point that he was able to go to Virginia and be in his daughter's wedding on July 22.
My prayer for you is that God give you that same healing!

jeanne53 - 1 year ago we love lizards in our house. Well, we prefer them outside our house unless it is a pet lizard, but we don't think they are bad little critters anyhow.

So, Sarah, you have venous insufficiency. That totally sucks! And...hurts and aches. It is something you can live with and no doubt the doctor has already talked with you about compression stockings. Hopefully, you can take NSAIDs. Was the surgery to eliminate damaged valves? I hope you can get back to walking and then dancing. Be careful of damaging the skin...bruising, scraping, etc. Wounds take forever to heal and often end up in ulcers. I am wishing for a good outcome for you. But if your veins remain the same, it is something you can take in stride and learn to become professional at dealing with the wounds and yucky ulcers. Compression stockings suck too, and are hot and difficult to get on, but ... what are you going to do, right?

Best of luck getting the lizard out...


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