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Sun, Jun 18 2017 - 11:02 PM

Kitchen Cladding with ACP

The most common use for ACP is cladding in various places in the kitchen. That cladding is done over cupboards most of the time and sometimes around walls and surface tops. As the material is durable, it is more than capable of withstanding daily use. Slamming cupboards, and in the case of counter tops, knife blows. Plus the panels come in different colors so you have greater variety in terms of experimentation.

Kitchen Cladding and False Ceilings with ACP

Colored panels are convenient as you can experiment with them in terms of décor. The material of the ACP Sheets is weather resistant as well, and is corrosion resistant. So it will last a long time, practically for as long as you live in some cases. No matter what happens, it will hold against anything you put it against.

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