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Wed, May 31 2017 - 03:13 AM

Useful Tips To Make Your Corporate Business Website Stand Out Among The Crowd

Easy access to technology and qualified IT professionals have made it easier to create a business website. However, ensuring success to stand out from the crowd has become a challenging task. Today more people are using internet and web for their businesses to create a brand image. Entrepreneurs who are seeking to enhance their reputation and want to emerge as a reliable brand; they have to put extra efforts while designing and developing their site.

A business URL has become mandatory for all profit and non-profit organization to maintain an online presence. Whether you are selling products or offering services, a company web URL have become essential to stay in touch with your current and prospective customers. A well-structured website attracts valued traffic, which will lead to more profits.

Creating a company website is just not dumping content on a web URL, rather it’s about using latest programming and development technology to create a functional and aesthetically beautiful site. While designing, you need to pay attention to all aspects of content, design, and functionalities to create an awesome site. 

On the other hand, if you ignore any of these features, your business URL will fail to rank high in the search engines. Even aggressive marketing and promotion will not give desirable results.

Here I am sharing few useful tips, which will help you to design an outstanding business website with the caliber to stand out among the crowd.  

Select a sensible domain name

Selecting a suitable name is the first step of building corporate URL. It becomes the part of URL and guides visitors to access your site. Avoid picking a complex and irrelevant name, as it can repel potential customers. Ideally, a domain should be your personal business name. Simply register your brand name for the domain, if it has not already taken.

Create a memorable logo

Branding is the process of creating a unique image for a product or service in customer mind via thematic visuals and advertising campaigns. Every business needs a relevant and memorable company logo and commercial slogan to grasp the attention of the audience. An impressive logo from a professional logo design service company creates a strong impression in audience mind and enables them to identify their favorite service provider even if the name is not mentioned. 

Both logo and website are required to create an engaging brand image. Make sure to place it on your site, where it can be seen by all visitors. Only a relevant business logo can convey the right message to your clients.

Set up easy Navigation

Never compromise on navigation to create visually stimulating designs. The main menu should have sub-sections to deliver information in a logical manner. The layout should be easy to understand. If the sitemap is complex and surprises users after every click, the user will be confused and lose patience. This will eventually loose potential customers. So keep navigation simple, clean and straightforward to direct visitors without distractions.

Maintain simplicity

Don’t clutter pages with too much information, graphics, and large size pictures, especially when they are not required. Focus on adding only relevant content. Also, avoid making too many hyperlinks just to pull customers on call to action. It will only distract visitors. A web page containing a perfect mix of text and images is capable of delivering a better UI, which provokes customers to navigate more pages within the site.

Keep it SEO friendly

Use proper SEO tools while designing and writing code of your site, as it is mandatory to get it listed on the top in search engine rankings. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords within the content and Meta tags to target your audience. SEO will improve the site ranking after increasing the chances to appear in first few searches of search engines.

Create relevant content

Always provide authentic information after understanding your audience needs. Perform some research to understand audience expectations and add relevant stuff on your site accordingly. Well-researched and well-written content can provoke visitors to share it on their social networks. This will give more backlinks, which directly increases the credibility of your site in search engine.

 Choose a quality web host

 As soon as you develop your company website, you will need a platform to publish this URL for your audience. A good web host offers unmatched security to your data and doesn't let your site down while maintaining its speed. 

A quality web host is like electricity for a website. A sophisticated appliance becomes useless in absence of electricity. Similarly, a quality web hosting service ensure to make a company site, accessible 24/7 for its visitors.


Submit URL to business directories

Create a reliable image after getting your firm registered with good PR business directories and white papers. Write press releases and articles on the blog. Keep on updating fresh content regularly on the blog to give your customers an impression that you never stop learning to improve the quality of services. This will keep your customers coming back to your site to know the latest industry news.


 Run purposeful marketing campaigns

Invite customers to your site through email marketing, newsletters, and giveaways. This can significantly improve business leads. Initially, you can collect client information to start an email marketing campaign, which allows you to start competitions and market special promotions and offerings you have for your clients.

Make your site interactive after incorporating quizzes, polls, promotional offers to allow users to participate.

Summary: Developing a business website, which is capable of standing out among the crowd is like creating a ground-breaking product. If you follow these golden tips while creating your company URL, it will win the competition.


Author Bio:

Aarol Hank is a lead marketing strategist and web development architect at Logo Glaze, a custom logo design company. He loves to blog about marketing and passionately develop wordpress sites using custom as well as pre-built themes.


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