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Tue, May 30 2017 - 01:00 AM

Skills to Master Before College Starts

We all have been dreaming to go forward by taking one step more. Once everyone from us was a school student and thinking to be a college student and a college student thinks to be a University student and this process of dreaming goes on. No doubt dreams are source of motivation to set and achieve goals of our life. Many from you are here who still school students are and it’s time to leave school and join a college. So here, some skills are suggested for them those they must master before starting their college life. These are the things they need to focus on before joining college to start studying to get graduation degree;

Setting Realistic Expectations:

Theorist has suggested to make SMART goals that means S for Simple, M for Measurable, A for Achievable, R for Realist and T for Time span. The most important is that your goal must be realistic it should be a reflection of a myth or a thing that is not possible within the available resources and time. Expectations for college studies regarding teachers, fellows and your own performance must be realistic. Same your expectations for professional and career growth also should be realistic. Being realistic is important because it will avoid any discouragement, hopeless and demotivated to take further steps towards success.

Self Awareness:

Knowing your own self is a skill that is not mastered by everyone because most of us do not putt much of our focus on it. Even though, it is among the most important things to define your goals and plan a path to achieve those goals. If someone knows about himself then he must has control over his emotions. Having a control on emotions is ‘Emotional Intelligence’ that is a key to learn as many skills as you want because it enables to know what actually you want to do. You must be aware of your abilities those could be polished into brilliant skills to achieve high career goals. Be aware of your learning style so you would be able to save your time in college by putting your efforts for exactly those activities that will lead to a sure success.

Ability to Set a Big Picture:

Once you will be in college you might find things happening in different way than you have been listening or perceiving before joining college. So it does not mean that things are happening in wrong way you just have to see the facts in a broad picture. Setting a big picture means to getting together all facts to understand the actual reason and positive consequence of the situation. Don’t forget that you are a student who is new in an institute who is supposed to follow the instructions given by teachers and institute. Following those guidelines are going to help you out you just have to wait for some time. Setting a big picture is a skill that will not enables you to the positive side of picture but also to find facts those can create problem in future.

Problem Solving:

If you have got the ability to find reason behind problem then you are done with 90% of problem solving. So finding the facts behind problem is the key skill in problem solving but it needs some more as well. You have to polish your skill of finding reason to solve the left 10% of problem solving puzzle. It is an analytical skill. After finding problem you need to identify the all possible solutions to eliminate that problem from your way. A problem can be that you are not performing well in your studies like not scoring good marks in academic assessments. You need to know that what is the reason that can be a stress, over burden, you might not have enough sleep or your study time is not appropriate. When you are clear about the reason then find the possible solutions and apply the best one that suits you. It can be having enough sleep and studying at the best suitable time to come up with good results. Problem solving skill will not only help you in your college life but also in professional career. It can play a role of key to start your career with good organization. Organizations do not have to do much with your degrees but with experience. But if you have the ability to solve their problem then lack of experience also can be ignored.

Time Management:

Above all skills cannot be effective you do not master yourself in time management. If a person is good in managing his time by setting priorities to its routine task then he can apply all other skills to get a college degree with distinction. Time management is important because in your college life you are going to have plenty of tasks within the short period of time. These tasks includes your classes, academic assessments, routine meals, sleep, you job, social life and some other. In college life you have to make decisions on your own those are going to affect your future personal and professional life. So set priorities wisely like yourself care should be at top of the list. Taking care of yourself is important because you are going to do it for yourself and by yourself and it is possible if you are able to do so. Second should be your studies then job and the list goes on according to your priorities.

Manage Your Money:

College life is not like school where you would be getting support in financial terms. Most of the times students have to pay their college fee by themselves and in this situation they have to do a job as well. So if you are in this situation then money earned in such hectic times must be spent wisely. You have to be careful while spending for shopping or a party because your fee will be paid by you not anyone else. With these all skills, get a skill to encourage yourself by yourself and it is possible by appreciating your achievements without waiting for other to come for an appraisal!

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