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Fri, May 26 2017 - 12:43 AM

Blessed Am I

Blessed Am I 

Blessed am I for the Lord’s patience has no horizon.

His mercy extends for eternity.

Blessed am I for my rebellion has come to an end; 

my sins are forgiven; my soul renewed.

Blessed am I whom the Father chooses to see no iniquity,

nor remember my disgrace.

When I kept silent, guilt racked my heart with shame;

my soul cried out for conviction.

With remorse I acknowledged my transgressions;

my wickedness I no longer denied.

Behold the waves of mercy flowing through me;

witness my sins being washed away! 

Thank You, Lord, for hearing the plea of my anguished heart;

the lamenting confessions I poured out at Your feet.

He opens the door - I enter and peace returns.

The Spirit of the Lord comforts me once more.

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