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Thu, May 18 2017 - 03:35 AM

10 Top Reasons to introduce Technology in Classrooms

Technological advancements have made a vivid impact on almost all walks of human life. The domain of education has also benefitted from the modern developments to a greater extent. There is still, however, a huge ground which we need to cover when it comes to revolutionizing the classroom mechanisms using tech advancements. Therefore it is extremely important to promote new technology into classrooms. In this writing, we have discussed some of the many reasons which should push one to advocate the inclusion of technology in classrooms.


Increased Socializing

Technology helps students become socially active which is crucial for professional skills development. This helps them not only in their educationbut in their professional careers as well.

1.       Technology improves the levels of connectivity not only among students but between students and their teachers as well.

2.       Classrooms can connect to other institutes in other parts of the world resulting in sharing of ideas and broadening of intellectual perspectives.

3.       Due to interconnectivity, technology results in the formation of a healthy competition between the students.


Learning is made Interesting

Technology helps convert the conventional ‘boring’ learning mechanisms into fun-filled educational processes. Students tend to learn better when the teaching procedures are engaging.

4.       Due to visual effects, videos, and other modeling tools students can be taught in a fun way allowing them to grasp the gist of the concepts.

5.       Contemporary augmented reality doesn’t let students get bored by helping them maintain their interest.

6.       With a single click students can reach out to online libraries, can get their hands on latest publications, and share notes and online books with other students.

Equity and Equality

The introduction of technology helps promote both equity and equality, in one way or the other, in classrooms. This helps every student grow professionally and gain confidence psychologically.

7.       Technology introduces equity in the process of learning as it helps teachers design educational activities according to the needs of every individual student.

8.       Not all the students, which go to a classroom, hail from a similar background, so majority can’t afford latest technologies on their own. So, inclusion of technology on the part of institutes helps remove the sense of marginalization among students and promotes an environment of equality.

Ease for Teachers

Lastly, the life of teachers is also made easy by the introduction of technology in the classrooms. Teachers can reschedule their lectures on short notices, can easily assign work and assess assignments, and can introduce mobility into their teaching methodologies.

9.       Technology doesn’t let you remain dependent on conventional means of teaching as you can take classrooms anywhere you want.

10.   Technology renders assessment extremely easy for the teachers as they can evaluate papers and assignments using multiple software and online tools.

The bottom line is that state of the art technologies should be introduced into classrooms at every level of education. This will not only improve the learning prospects of students but will enhance the teaching experience of the teachers as well.


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