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Wed, May 03 2017 - 08:53 PM

Say no to energy drinks and yes to natural drinks

There are many ways to get a boost of energy but energy drinks is definitely not the choice I would go with. If you have made a commitment to yourself as a New Year resolution to be more energetic you might have forgotten to take into consideration your levels of energy are not just quite ready for it. Energy drinks might be one of the quickest ways to give you that boost that you are looking for but they are full of exceedingly high levels of caffeine, artificial sugars, and may even contain chemicals that can cause hyperactivity and bad health reactions which overall have not proven to keep energy levels high for long periods of time.

A 12 ounce bottled drink has as much as 60 grams of empty sugars, a 16 ounce energy drinks contain well over 300 grams and even though it might cause your body to feel energized the damage it causes to your body and your health is serious. High levels of sugar intake overtime can cause obesity and Diabetes. more:

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